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AISC Shapes v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
is a database that provides you with the dimensional sizes of common structural shapes included in the AISC Manual of Steel Construction. The software provides all the section and dimension properties for steel shapes, on the basis of the 7th, 8th and 9th editions of the manual. It also comes with graphical representations of all shapes, as well as print ability. You just select a shape category and a member, and the shape's properties and graphic are presented. In addition, AISC Shapes supports both US and Metric units.

Beams - Demo Added on 31-Dec-1998
provides a quick method to obtain beam moment, shear, stress, rotation and deflection values. The software will analyze most of the single span beam configurations shown in the AISC manual, as well as multi-span beams. It also allows you to place several different load types on one beam.It comes with a database of AISC shape section properties. You can also calculate section properties of different shapes. The pertinent values presented in the section property calculator and the shape data base will directly transfer to the beam analysis portion of the software.The software also has a feature to calculate torsional shear stress on selected solid and closed members. The multi-span and single span output screens show a shear, moment and deflected shape diagram of the system.The single span beam input allows input of an axial load. By adding an axial load you can use this software to review columns.The software will accept input in Metric (SI units) or US System.

Drainage Design v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
allows you to to perform a quick estimate of the required drainage facilities for small construction projects. The software is made of four features. The first feature, the Runoff Calculator, allows you to estimate the amount of runoff (flow capacity) in the area of concern. The second feature, the Channel Capacity Calculator, enables you to design the drainage ditches. The third feature, the Culvert Capacity Calculator allows you to to size either round or box culverts to divert the flow under roads or other obstructions. Finally, the fourth feature, the Inlet Capacity Calculator, allows you to estimate the capacity of the storm drains. Please note that you can only process US units.

Footings v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
allows you to to create soil bearing pressure and design the footing. You just enter the footing dimensions; the allowable soil bearing pressure; the column location, loads and moments; as well as other optional criteria. The design can illustrate if the footing is thick enough, what main rebar is required, and if the resulting pressure is within the middle third of the footing. The software enables you to review the following types of footings: rectangular footing with one column; two adjacent rectangular footings with one column on each; a spread (raft) footing with more than one columns; wall footing; and a spread footing supported by piles with more than one columns. Moreover, the adjacent footing option can give you with overlapping soil pressures at any depth below the footings. In addition, Footings allows you to enter direct column loads, as well as bi-axial moments on each column, and create a final report, that comes with a reflection of the input, a code check against ACI 318-71, and resulting pressures with recommended reinforcement. Please note that you can process both US and Metric units.

Mechanical Tool Box (MTB) - Demo Added on 14-Dec-1999
is a set of softwares that provides quick reference info for mechanical engineers. The tools include a pipe database (size, weight, section properties, and more.), flange dimensions for ANSI B16.5 flanges, pressure/temperature ratings, hardness conversions, wire gage dimensions, pipe wall thickness calculator, units conversion for common mechanical parameters, piping component stress intensification factors, and a pressure drop-flow analysis software.

Psychrometrics - Shareware Added on 16-Dec-1999
provides you with psychrometric air properties given two properties as input values at a known altitude or atmospheric pressure. The properties are determined using the ideal gas law for the behavior of air. Once the properties are determined, the point is indicated on the psychrometric chart. Process lines can be connected between any two known points, that can give you with the differences involved in moving from one point to the next. In addition, the software allows you to to perform some basic HVAC calculations that depend on psychrometrics. Please note that you can use both US and Metric units.

RetWall v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
allows you to to check concrete tensile stress to determine if a given wall is a gravity wall or requires structural reinforcement. Retwall may be utilized to design a retaining wall for a given set of load inputs, or analyze an existing design. You can select the feature of the wall (earth retaining or flood wall), and perform a stability analysis, calculate the bearing pressure, compute the overturning moment, find active and passive pressures, as well as give a recommendation for rebar in the wall. The software can handle both US and SI (Metric) units, and allows you to edit the code factors. In addition, RetWall comes with a soil database editor, as well as a concrete property editor.

Safety Line v5.0 - Shareware Added on 16-Dec-1999
can help you in the design, analysis, and installation of horizontal safety cables. The software comes with databases for steel cables and connection hardware; provides cable tensions, sags, and end reactions; and performs checks to find out if your installation is adequate for the given loads. In addition, you can adjust the safety factor as necessary, and check the cable loads against the cable breaking strength. Please note that you can only use US units.

Section Property Calculator - Demo Added on 14-Dec-1999
creates section properties for almost any shape you need. Just select the member type and the actual member you wish to see. The data is presented in the show section of the screen.You can add several shapes to the print list box. Once all selected shapes are in the print list box they can be sent to the printer.

Steam Tables - Shareware Added on 14-Dec-1999
provides the thermodynamic properties of water and steam. Given any two known properties (pressure, temperature, enthalpy, entropy, or specific volume) the exact state of water can be determined. In cases where only pressure or temperature are known, saturation conditions will be returned. The specific points are presented on a T-S diagram. These points may be connected to recognize a process. The changes in state from one point to another are then provided by the process lines.Results can be presented in US or metric units. You can also convert the presented (or input) values between the two systems of units.

Structural Tool Box (STB) v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
is a Finite Element Analysis package for electromagnetic, thermal, and stress analysis. Standard analysis types include linear and nonlinear magnetostatics, time-harmonic magnetics (involving eddy current analysis), electrostatics, distribution of electric currents, linear and nonlinear heat transfer and diffusion, linear stress analysis, and coupled problems.During a session, you can describe the problem (geometry, material properties, sources and other conditions), obtain a solution with high accuracy, and analyze field details looking by full color picture.

Torsional Analysis of Steel Members (TASM) - Shareware Added on 14-Dec-1999
provides torsional stress analysis of different beam shapes. Shapes that are analyzed include I beams, C-channels, and Z shapes. You can select from several different load types and end connections. Stresses will be provided at any point along the span of the beam you select. It also recognizes locations of maximum and minimum stresses.

Weld Calculator v3.0 - Demo Added on 31-Dec-1998
provides a weld stress analysis for almost any weld shape. You give the weld shape, applied loads, allowable stress, and material yield strength. The software will give the required weld size. Weld Calculator assumes E70XXX electrodes are used in the welding process.To specify the weld shape you can select a pre-determined shape or you can draw a custom weld shape.

WinBase v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
allows you to to design columns that hold an axial compressive load, check the bearing on the concrete, specify a plate size and thickness, check a plate for bending stress, and design the anchor bolts or studs. The software is made of four features. The Compression Column feature allows you to select a column from the AISC database, and select the proper K value, that is on the basis of the column end conditions. With the input of the unbraced length and the axial load, you can perform a code check. The output comes with the actual stress, the allowable stress, and a pass fail notice. The Column Base Plate feature enables you to specify an attached column from the database, an axial load, and concrete pedestal dimensions. WinBase then calculates the required plate dimensions and thickness. The Surface Mounted Plate feature allows you to to specify the plate dimensions, the axial loads and moments, and the attached column or member dimensions. The software then computes the anchor bolt tension loads and shear loads. The Anchor Bolt design feature allows you to input tensile loads, shears, and bolt patterns. WinBase then compares these input loads with the allowable bolt loads. This is a complex feature that addresses overlapping tension shear cones as well as side shear wedges. Moreover, the software can analyze embedded stud type anchors or expansion anchor bolts, and comes with a default database for Hilti quick bolt II anchors. In addition, you can customize database if you wish to use a different brand of expansion anchor. Please note that you can process both US and Metric units.

WinCon v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
allows you to to design welded and bolted structural connections on the basis of AISC's Manual of Steel Construction, 9th edition (ASD) part 4. The software allows you to analyze most of the structural connections described in the AISC ASD design manual. You just enter the beam shape data, and the bolt dimensions and loads, as well as any angle, block/bearing, and single plate shears. In addition, you can specify any seated or stiffened seated beam connections, add end plates, and include eccentric loads on fastener groups. Please note that you can only process US units.

WinCrete v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
allows you to to design reinforced concrete structures, generating moments and reactions on reinforced concrete walls, beams, slabs, and columns. The software provides a rebar database that comes with info on bar area, weight, diameter, development length, and lap length. It also allows you to save your data to a file, as well as print your outputs. In addition, WinCrete can analyze the members in accordance with the 1971 edition of ACI 318. Please note that you can only process US units.

WinFrame - Shareware Added on 14-Dec-1999
analyzes three member rigid frames. End conditions of the frame can be selected from numerous types. Each member of the frame can then be loaded (or have no load on any particular member). After loading the frame, specifying configuration and end conditions, the software will give a free body diagram of each member. Reaction loads and moments will be given for each member of the frame. More complex frames can be analyzed by breaking the frame into three member free body diagrams for the software to analyze.

WinRig v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
is developed to give you with a simple way to obtain common data used in most rigging projects, comprising info on wire rope strengths, slings, hardware, and ways to calculate cable loads for several different arrangements. The values generated by this software are on the basis of OSHA, ANSI, and Industry standards. Please note that you can only process US units.

WinThread - Shareware Added on 14-Dec-1999
is a database of most machine screw thread forms. The software also provides material properties for common ASTM materials. ASTM markings for machine bolts are also presented for easy identification of a particular bolt type.In addition to providing a database, the software will calculate required torque values to achieve the designer's required bolt stress.

WinWood v5.0 - Shareware Added on 15-Dec-1999
allows you to to create reactions, moments, deflections, and stresses, as well as perform code checks on various types of wood structures. The supported structures include trusses, more than one and single span beams, and ply wood members. The software comes with databases, that contain allowable stress values for pure wood members, as well as glued and laminated members. WinWood also comes with a database that provides allowable load data for nails and screws. In addition, it allows you to print the results, as well as the generated shear, moment, and deflection diagrams. Please note that the software can only process US units.

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