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Win Barometer v1.0 - Freeware Added on 23-Jun-2000
allows you to monitor the weather network and collect info relating to the temperature, humidity, and pressure at your location. Win Barometer also displays the air quality and wind direction, enabling you to find out the current weather at almost any place in the world. It comes with a forecast feature, as well as a search software to enable you to find your location and the corresponding weather data. The software runs as an easy icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar.

Multimedia Builder MP3 v4.7 - 30-day Trial Added on 20-Jun-2000
is a visual software for generating interactive multimedia applications. A visual item oriented environment makes it easy to create professional applications without programming or scripting.You can integrate text, graphics, sound and video items into your work. There are a lot of actions available that let you to execute softwares, play sounds, show video, jump to a Web site, browse a CD ROM, show documents, open Help files, send e-mail, and many more.Features of Multimedia Builder include: multichannel sound support; text-to-speech support; the ability to see external pictures; drop shadows and other effects; a custom shape window (that means you dont have to show your creations inside a standard rectangular desktop window); support for all popular graphics formats; alignment tools; background bitmap tiling; scrolling paragraph text; a built-in spell checker; support for animated GIFs; DirectSound, MP3, MIDI, MOV, MED, VideoDisc, WAV, and CD audio support; a powerful scripting language; and much more.

Digital Camera Enhancer (DCEnhancer) v1.2 - Freeware Added on 28-Jul-2000
allows you to to automatically balance and reduce the noise in your pictures. The software works best if your picture is somewhat blurred or out of focus. You can also balance the color and the midtones, zoom in and out, and preview the changes before applying them. Digital Camera Enhancer supports the BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, and WMF picture formats.

UltraSnap v1.2 - 30-day Trial Added on 19-Sep-2000
is a screen capturing and picture processing software. UltraSnap provides you with pixel-accurate screen capturing (region, window, or entire screen), even when using the zoom feature. You can process your BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, and TIF pictures in several ways: add a drop-shadow effect; adjust the contrast; boost the colors; automatically resize your pictures; sharpen them; and many more. The software can work as a Clipboard pipe: what you capture is automatically processed with your selected effects and copied to the Clipboard (or saved to disk). The software also runs as an easy icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar.

FontMagic v1.0 - Shareware Added on 21-Jan-1999
fastly previews, installs, and uninstalls your TrueType fonts. In addition to displaying each font, FontMagic also displays full details about the font's copyright, language, and author info. The software also allows you to to install fonts into your Windows "FONTS" directory or into a temporary directory.

Private Pictures v1.1 - 30-day Trial Added on 29-Jun-1999
is a security software developed to password protect your pictures. With its built-in picture viewer you can see your protected pictures immediately without the need to run an external viewer. You can also convert protected files to any of the supported graphic formats, comprising BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, and TIFF. The software also integrates its protected PPC files with the Windows Explorer-- just double click a protected picture and you will be asked for the password. Private Pictures also supports MOV, AVI, and MPG video files. It is a great way to make sure only you can see your private picture group.

ExploreCool v1.0 - Freeware Added on 19-Aug-1999
is a noteworthy Windows Explorer replacement. In addition to the usual features found in Windows Explorer, ExploreCool features a multi-document interface, that allows you to to open as several file managers as you wish.The software also comes with an integrated picture previewer for BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, and TIFF files, and an MS-DOS, CD player, and send e-mail launchers.Additionally, you can format disks, connect to the Internet, map a network drive, and many more.

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