Sierra On-Line Inc. Software Downloads

Creep Night Start-up and Shut-down Screens - Freeware Added on 10-Feb-1997
allows you to replace the Windows 95 logo with something mean and green. These screens are on the basis of Sierra On-Sequence's popular game, "3-D Pinball 2: Creep Night".

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire - Demo Added on 26-Jan-1999
is an action/adventure role-playing game that takes place in a magical land of subtle beauty and great danger. The island of Marete has been invaded by an army of mercenary soldiers. Fearsome monsters roam the countryside. Not even the fortress walls can keep the city of Silmaria safe from the assassins poisoned dagger. Dragon Fire allows you to select the character of your choice, and alter the character's skills and abilities.The game features a beautifully rendered 3D panoramic landscape. You'll meet people who need your help, and those who will help you. The story changes depending upon your actions. The game provides the opportunity to destroy monsters, perform heroic deeds, become tangled in a suspenseful world of espionage and grand larceny, and even romantically flirt with the person of your dreams.

Ground Control - Demo Added on 26-May-2000
is a real-time action and strategy game concerning two political factions that have gone to war over a distant world. By combining strategic combat with fast-paced 3D action elements, Ground Control delivers a fresh experience that appeals to a wide audience, comprising online gaming enthusiasts. At its core, Ground Control is a frenetically-paced, real-time simulator played out in a visually stunning 3D world. During the course of the game, you will be challenged in an intense arena of battle, managing tactical squads of foot soldiers, mobile units, aircraft, and support units as they vie for control of a distant planet.Command your squads in a lot of formations, across rugged terrain, and to victory in several different task objectives. Ground Control eliminates several of the tedious aspects of typical games and focuses its gameplay on tactics, strategy, and the art of battle. There are numerous types of tanks, hover bikes, airplanes, and soldiers that will be at your disposal. Once you are in battle you won't be able to bring in reinforcements, so proper troop selection will be key to success. Each unit type has special weapons, abilities, and armor that you can custom fit to each unit. Or let the game auto-select the proper load for each task. Advanced artificial intelligence makes your troops and your enemy's troops act and fight realistically, meanwhile, a free-floating camera allows you to to zoom in and out and see the action from any angle.

Betrayal at Krondor v1.02 - Freeware Added on 9-Apr-1997
is an interactive, fantasy RPG divided into chapters like a book. Gameplay within each of the nine unique chapters is totally non-linear; you do have a goal that must be accomplished before you can see the rest of the story, but how that goal is accomplished is entirely up to you. There is no time limit, so if you want to roam around the world talking to characters, killing monsters and finding treasure--thats fine. In fact, at the beginning of the game this strategy may even be necessary to help you and your party prepare for the increasingly fierce opponents you will face as you head south to Krondor.Each chapter contains a number of unique characters and monsters. Even though you dont necessarily need to face the dangers of the Dimwood forest in Chapter One, theres nothing to prevent you from going there--and you will find a new set of monsters if you select to return there in Chapter Two. Its almost like containing nine different games in one. Like a book, the characters will alter, leave, and reappear on the basis of the chapter.Betrayal at Krondor is on the basis of the best-selling Riftwar novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is the original version of Betrayal at Krondor, 1994's game of the year according to "Strategy Plus". With the sequel, "Betrayal in Antara" being released soon, this version is available for free.

Betrayal In Antara - Demo Added on 28-May-1997
is the long-awaited sequel to the interactive, fantasy RPG "Betrayal at Krondor". The Antaran Empire was forged generations ago, and over time has fallen prey to corruption and decay. Today, a well-meaning Emperor is faced with a decadent and crumbling infrastructure where bribery, nepotism, intrigue, assassination, and deceit are rampant. Your player characters become embroiled in a devious plot of manipulation, political agendas, secret societies, racial hatred, magical discoveries, abduction, and assassination.

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred - Demo Added on 3-Jan-2000
is the latest mystery adventure to puzzle the intrepid shadow hunter. Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned is set in a small village and valley in rural Europe. The village, Rennes-le-Chateau, is a real village and is the location of a Great Enigma -- either that or a Great Scam, depending on your level of belief. The case begins when Gabriel is invited for a weekend at the home of a currently dethroned royal scion. But it turns out that the 'Prince's' motivation for inviting Gabriel was not a social one. He has a new infant son and is concerned for his safety because the Prince's family has been plagued for generations by what seem to be a secretive sect of vampires. It turns out the Prince was right to be afraid. The first night Gabriel watches guard over his infant son, the boy is kidnapped. Gabriel gives chase and winds up at Rennes-le-Chateau. Gabriel will come to realize that the mystery that surrounds the Prince's family and the mystery of this ancient little town are not only connected, but will involve both very real current political agendas and ancient secrets. The plot percolates in a real-time 3D virtual world featuring highly detailed 3D animated characters. An intuitive interface allows you to investigate and unfold the mystery according to your skill and wit.

Homeworld: Cataclysm - Demo Added on 27-Sep-2000
is a space adventure in that you lead a nomadic space fleet against a powerful alien menace. You begin Cataclysm commanding a sect that has been marginalized after your people's victorious return to their homeworld of Hiigara. Traveling into uncharted space to repel an attack against another sect, your fleet happens upon an alien probe that harbors an ancient evil. As events unravel, you will need to survive the onslaught of an enemy with terrifying abilities you can't match, fight off opportunistic Turanic Raiders, and deflect the firepower of Imperial loyalists bent on destroying you and reclaiming Hiigara.Cataclysm presents new features such as waypoints and sensor-manager attack commands to add a new dimension to the revolutionary combat and gameplay pioneered in Homeworld. Gameplay revolves around a central command ship, but one that produces an entirely new class of fighting, resourcing, and support craft with new technologies and weaponry.Command more than one 360-degree 3D views as you manage ship production and deployment in a gorgeous outer-space environment. Cataclysm boasts 18 all-new ships, 25 new technologies, and 17 single-player tasks while improving on the interface and technology that had already earned high accolades. A powerful multiplayer system supports up to eight combatants, each playing one of two very different sides with its own tactical options.

Lighthouse - Demo Added on 4-Dec-1996
allows you to immerse yourself in a technological fantasy mystery, in that you're drawn into an elaborately animated, interactive tale of mystery, technology and adventure. You are frantically summoned to your friend's lighthouse home to babysit his 1-year old daughter Amanda. As you arrive at the darkened lighthouse, your friend is gone, but you see a terrifying, humanoid creature snatch Amanda from her crib, leap into a portal that has opened in the room and disappear. When you follow, you will begin an adventure and exploration into a different world in where you discover different mechanical contraptions and vehicles you must learn to use, and a strange adversary you must overcome in order to rescue your friend and his baby.This entirely animated, 3-D rendered, first person perspective game offers a compelling storyline, fascinating puzzles, engrossing characters and hours of gameplay.

Lords of Magic - Demo Added on 20-Dec-1997
is a fantasy role-playing game that integrates live combat with strategy and exploration. Lords of Magic is the long-awaited sequel to Sierra's Lords of The Realm series. In this captivating game, Lord Balkoth threatens to massacre all the denizens of Urak. You must wage bloody battle but you should select your allies with care. Your goal is to search out the Great Temples and master the eight kinds of magic -- order and chaos, fire and water, earth and air, and life and death.

Shivers II: Harvest of Souls - Shareware Added on 11-Mar-1997
allows you to step into a chilling world that builds on the suspense of the sleeper hit, Shivers. Welcome to Cyclone, a bizarre little town on the edge of madness in a remote corner of Arizona. Unfortunately, your friends who were spending the summer here have vanished without a track. However, still roaming by the empty streets is a masked figure who calls himself Darkcloud. This faceless creature, who preys on everyones fears (comprising yours), has been tormenting the town for years. Is Darkcloud possessed by some evil spirit or is he one of the desperate townfolk you come across in your search for your friends?As you hunt for your comrades, you bend and turn by the game, finding clues to their whereabouts almost everywhere, comprising in rock videos. But beware. Searching for clues may divert your attention from the danger that lurks underfoot and in murky corners. You can die, you know.Shivers II features: full 360 degree panoramic movement; surrealistic 3D graphic horror; "dynamic sound" like in the real world; a serpentine plot of accidental death, murder, and Indian lore; interactive endings; a lot of nightmarish puzzles that add to the tension of the game; and much more.

Caesar II - Demo Added on 13-Sep-1996
is a strategy simulation in that you start with provinces in the early days of the Roman empire and develop your capital city. The architecture of the ancient world comes to life on your screen as you create dozens of structures, all beautifully rendered in 3-D graphics. If you select to play in City mode, you can concentrate on the economic development of one city for as long as you like. Your plebes can frolic in the Roman baths while you keep an eye out for fire, plague, crime and the occasional riot. Or, if you're ready for a real challenge, you can turn on the adrenaline and master your unruly province. Defend it with fortifications, exploit its resources, establish trade routes, raise armies, and listen up to the demands of your Emperor in Rome. If you please him well, you might just receive promoted. Once promoted, you can march into another province and take on its unique economy and local population. As you move up the ranks toward your Imperial goal of subduing provinces and building eternal cities, you'll confront raiding Huns, invading Carthaginians (with elephants) and upstart Gauls. Keep the barbarians out, your cities thriving, and your hippodromes rocking.

Caesar III - Demo Added on 3-Sep-1998
is a strategic simulation that allows you to create, rule and defend a city set in the age of the ancient Roman empire. You begin by placing buildings on previous empty terrain and constructing a city. These buildings come to life, and the city begins to evolve. As the city grows, it encounters different problems that must be overcome.The game is structured as a career, beginning with a training task, and then progressing by a series of tougher assignments. Achieving the task objectives results in promotion and an offer of a tougher assignment.

Outpost 2: Divided Destiny - Demo Added on 3-May-1997
is a real-time, sci-fi strategy/city-building game that challenges you to ensure the survival of the human species in the stars after Earth has been destroyed. Play as the leader of the original colony, Eden, or the rebellious splinter colony, Plymouth. You must manage and balance the needs of your people, direct scientific research, and create your civilization while fending off natural disasters and the neighboring colony.Outpost 2 will appeal to strategy gamers of all kinds, particularly those fascinated by science fiction and future technology. It provides multiplayer support over modem, LAN, or Internet. This demo does not work with Cyrix chips.NOTE: the second and third files to download are OPTIONAL. The second file,, contains music files, and the third file, contains an intro AVI file.

Pharaoh - Demo Added on 8-Oct-1999
is a strategic simulation that is part of the successful Caesar city building series. Pharaoh is set in ancient Egypt during the period when the great pyramids were built. This city simulation game allows you to create majestic Egyptian cities, create large monuments, hunt gazelles and birds to feed your people, and farm at the mercy of the Nile River.You can also participate in Egyptian combat. You can create fleets of transport ships and galleys to defend your waterways. You can also create towers and walls to defend your cities against invaders armed with battering rams and catapults, or lead your Chariot Warriors straight into battle.

3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown - Demo Added on 11-Sep-1999
is a model train game filled with puzzles to test your skills. You'll be amazed at the hilarious and zany jobs you'll need to complete; everything from delivering supplies, to tests of memory, to a dung-sorting contest with Farmer MacDonald's cows.Tutorials will have novice players running trains in less than five minutes, while more experienced players will find puzzles to challenge their skills.The game features authentic replicas of Lionel cars and engines, five difficulty levels, best scores for each "job", different suprise-filled landscapes, and many more.This non-violent game is ideal for the entire family.

3D Ultra TrainTown Deluxe - Demo Added on 17-Aug-2000
is a model train simulation and puzzle game that features authentic replicas of Lionel cars and engines. Lionel TrainTown Deluxe showcases over 30 Lionel replica train cars across 5 wild and surprise-filled landscapes. You'll be amazed at the hilarious and zany jobs you'll need to complete; everything from delivering supplies, to tests of memory, to a dung-sorting contest with Farmer MacDonald's cows. Enjoy hours of model train fun as you play by 72 different jobs. Environments spring to life with inventive animations and clever surprises. There are 10 unique worlds comprising the North Pole, Oak Valley, Living Room, Big City, and the Kitchen. You can commandeer over 30 types of train cars comprising special cars like the crane, handcart, and snowplow and over 100 different train loads. Tutorials will have novice players running trains in less then 5 minutes, while more experienced players will still find puzzles to test their skills. Lionel TrainTown Deluxe is wonderful, non-violent entertainment suitable for the entire family.

Incredible Machine 3 - Demo Added on 7-Sep-1996
is a wacky invention game that allows you to construct cause and effect contraptions with working pulleys, levers, conveyor belts, motors, balloons and many more. Use your creative ingenuity to construct a lot of different machines that create specified effects. Or play in the "free-form" mode to create your own puzzles from hundreds of active parts and background items. Once you've honed your inventor skills, you can put them to the test against someone else in the "head to head" mode.

StarSiege: Tribes - Demo Added on 17-Sep-1999
is a first-person, 3D shooter set in the Starsiege Universe that pits different warring tribes against each other. This action shooter focuses on cooperative multiplayer gaming. You can use the single-player training tasks to develop the skills required to become a full-fledged warrior, but the real heat of TRIBES radiates from multiplayer combat between 2 to 32 players connected over the Internet or LAN. Instead of trying to save the galaxy in a single-player quest, you are part of a tribe whose members must work together to survive battles with competing tribes. These battles can be as easy as destroy the enemy tribe or as complex as detailed tasks with multi-job objectives. Each tribe has its own battlefield leader with a satellite see of the entire battlefield. Depending on the status of the tribes radar and sensor systems, the Commander can monitor both enemy and friendly troop positions. Extra multiplayer features include Private Voice Commands for sending pre-recorded messages in your own voice to your comrades, all the while blasting away at the enemy. Other general features in TRIBES include configurable skins and logos for each tribe, weather systems, vast worlds and endless terrain, motion-capture animation, and seamless integration between interiors and exteriors.

3-D Ultra Cool Pool: 8-Ball - Demo Added on 24-Mar-2000
allows you to play your favorite pool games with others across the Internet. This game is so real, you can almost smell the cigar smoke! Welcome to the world of Eight Ball, a Pool Shark's paradise. Cool Pool brings you the latest in virtual pool with its own version of the most popular billiards game around. Be the first to sink all of your balls, plus the grande finale of sinking the famed Eight Ball, and you can notch yourself as A-1 Prime Pool Shark. It's almost like being at your local pool hall, only less scary. Oh, and you don't have to wear flannel if you don't want to.Features include aiming assistance, if necessary, that shows the trajectory of your ball, mouse control for quick shots, keyboard control for fine-tuning. You can shoot the ball using pull and release method or use a more physical drag-and-push interface. You can also rotate the see of the table in any direction and at any elevation.

3-D Ultra Cool Pool: Chameleon Ball - Demo Added on 10-Nov-1999
is a 3-D pool simulation that has all your favorite pool games, plus a few you couldn't even dream up. Take everything you know about Pool, and throw it in a blender. Cool Pool: Chameleon Ball puts a new bend on an old game. Each player begins with one ball of their color; all other balls on the table are chameleon balls. You'll be tickled pink if you can hit the chameleon balls with your colored cue, because they'll alter to match your team's color. Sink them after you've changed them to your color, and your opponent will be green with envy.Features include aiming assistance, if necessary, that shows the trajectory of your ball, mouse control for quick shots, keyboard control for fine-tuning. You can shoot the ball using pull and release method or use a more physical drag-and-push interface. You can also rotate the see of the table in any direction and at any elevation.

3D Ultra MiniGolf - Demo Added on 2-Apr-1997
allows you to immerse yourself in 18 holes of fantastic mini-golf action. 3D Ultra MiniGolf challenges your putting skills as you adventure by lush, 3-D landscapes and face hazardous approaches on your way to a hole-in-one. Each of the 18 holes is developed with a theme world of its own, complete with 3-D targets. You will enjoy all the classic holes found in miniature golf, comprising a fairyland castle, a lighthouse, the old women in the shoe, and even the obligatory giant windmill. But prepare yourself -- some of the holes are pure pandemonium. You'll whack your ball between erupting volcanoes or bank a putt by a bustling space port.You can select the "TruePutt" golf swing that offers realistic putt control over the force and the angle of each putt, or the "EasyPutt" swing that automatically swings your club with an easy click of the mouse. It allows up up to four players to challenge their golfing buddies at one time. After you've mastered the first hole in this demo, you can visit the author's web site (click "More Info" below) to download two extra holes ( Lost Mine Hole and The Incredible Machine Hole).

3D Ultra MiniGolf Deluxe - Demo Added on 14-May-1998
is a mini-golf game. You can compete against four players, either over the Internet or on the same computer.

Field and Stream Trophy Bass 3D - Demo Added on 16-Apr-1999
is a fishing simulation with great gameplay and authenticity. Improved fish AI and fight models put every angler's skills to the test. You can practice fishing to try out different lakes, gear, and weather conditions.Once you cast your lure, you can go to the below-surface see with the underwater LureCam to view that trophy bass as he goes for the bite. The game features first and third person 3D views, simplified boat controls that let you fish while you troll, top tournament lakes rendered to scale in 3D, stunning realism and detail both above and below water, and many more.

Field and Stream Trophy Buck - Demo Added on 5-Feb-1999
is a first-person perspective hunting simulation. The game sets the stage by simulating every aspect of hunting. Your skills determine whether you'll experience a well executed hunt, or return home empty handed.You can select to hunt whitetail or mule deer. The game features 3D worlds on the basis of actual hunting areas in the U.S., more than one firearm types (rifles, shotguns, and muzzle loaders), more than one ammunition types ranging in caliber and grain, three types of bows (recurve, long, and compound), several arrow types, individual AI for each animal, and many more. You can play one "quick-hunt" scenario. You can use the "Quick-Hunt" features that drops you into random environments.

PGA Championship Golf - 1999 Edition - Demo Added on 3-Jan-2000
is a golf simulation with a realistic swing interface. Take some of professional golf's best and brightest out on the course to play by, or use quick play to jump into the action. PGA Championship Golf 1999 features TrueSwing real-time mouse control and ReadyPlay for simultaneous turns. Real-time mouse control of your onscreen golfer has never been so realistic. Now comprising both horizontal and vertical methods, TrueSwing offers an unparalleled computer golfing sensation that emphasizes the same strengths as those required by an actual golf swing: tempo, discipline and accuracy. And new controls over loft, ball position and stance give you all the freedom you need to perform creative shots when necessary.The unique 3D environment of PGA Championship Golf not only allows you to move anywhere, it also allows you to see and play from just about any angle. You're free to alter up to 15 camera angles to receive the best look at every shot. PGA Tour Radio's Grant Boone and The Golf Channel's Mark Lye call the action, offering television-style analysis and humorous commentary throughout play. Adjustable levels for wind conditions, rough length, green speed, mulligans and gimmies are all developed to bring you the ultimate in computer golf.

PGA Championship Golf 2000 - Demo Added on 13-Oct-2000
recreates the experience of PGA Tour play for single and multiplayer action. Want to know what it feels like to be at the 18th on Sunday and have to sink a six-footer for the win as thousands look on? Now you can! PGA 2000 comes with all the great features of PGA Championship Golf, plus improvements in TrueSwing, the Course Architect, and golfer and course graphics. Five all new courses offer both online and offline tournament settings featuring galleries, TV cameras, prize money, and tournament conditions comprising quick greens and long rough.Incorporating pace and tempo into the original mouse-swing technology, TrueSwing 3 actually learns your style of mouse-swing and adjusts itself to your game for a more efficient and private in-game stroke. After the swing, automatically see each shot from the location of the ball's landing area. Real-time ball rotation is so lifelike, you can actually see the logo.Customize event, season or career and compete round-to-round, week-to-week, and season-to-season to earn money and continue your status as a tour player. You can also create tours, seasons, and tournaments with total tracking of tournament, winnings, statistics, and many more.

Professional Bull Rider - Demo Added on 3-Dec-1999
is a dusty, bull-riding simulation that allows you to play as the cowboy or the bull. With the cooperation of the Professional Bull Riders, Inc., seven-time All Around World Champion, Ty Murray and legendary Hall of Fame bull rider, Tuff Hedeman, Professional Bull Rider has been developed to be so realistic that it's the best way to experience the thrill of bull riding without the injuries. The 2,000 pound virtual bull is rank and ready to throw you off. The arcade play makes these bulls turn, buck, dive and bend like the real thing. The challenge will be to stay on for the longest eight seconds you have ever experienced. Perhaps the most unique feature of Professional Bull Rider is that you can compete either as the cowboy or the bull. As the bull, you can let the artificial intelligence give the cowboys a ride or you can bend and turn the bull yourself and try to buck off that cowboy!

Trophy Bass - Demo Added on 13-Sep-1996
is a photo-realistic fishing simulation that brings the thrills of bass fishing to the PC. From weather conditions and equipment selection to presentation techniques and fighting a lunker bucketmouth, this simulation brings you the best virtual fishing available. Five top bass lakes (comprising Lake Lanier and Lake Murray) ensure that you'll have plenty of prime water to cover. Expert advice from leading tournament pros such as Kevin VanDam and Denny Brauer will help your fishing in the game and at your local hot spot. Select a quick trip to a virtual lake or fish the tournament circuit against the pros.

Trophy Bass 2 - Demo Added on 6-Nov-1996
is the sequel to the popular "Trophy Bass", with improved fish, lure, and lake AI to create situations just like the real thing. Try your luck in a lot of lakes, each featuring photographical and topographical maps, accurate depth readings, structures, weed beds, lily pads, stumps, and many more. Select your lure, rod, and reel, and select your cast, too.

Trophy Bass 3D - Demo Added on 3-Jan-2000
is an excellent fishing simulation that allows you to fish top tournament lakes. Trophy Bass 3D offers all the quality, authenticity, fun and outstanding gameplay expected from a Sierra Sports Field and Stream Trophy simulation. Improved fish AI and fight models put every angler's skills to the test. If all this realism overwhelms you, don't worry, top bass pros such as Denny Brauer are right on hand providing real world tips to better your skills both on screen and on the water. Practice fishing solo to try out different lakes, gear, and weather conditions that prepare you for a lot of conditions.You can fish 15 top tournament lakes, comprising Vermont's Lake Champlain and Florida's legendary Lake Okeechobee, all rendered to scale in 3D. Be overwhelmed by stunning realism and detail above and below water--waves, water translucency, structure and vegetation, and shoreline features. Boat controls have simplified to let you fish while you troll while an underwater "LureCam" follows the action below the surface. A 3D depth sounder tracks bottom features and fish.There are over 30 3D animated species of fish comprising bass, walleye, muskie, and trout and hundreds of new 3D animated lures, plastic baits, and lure/trailer combinations. Hurry up, the fish are biting!

Trophy Bass 4 - Demo Added on 3-Apr-2000
is a fun, challenging, and highly accurate bass fishing simulation on the basis of real lakes, real lake conditions, and real bass behavior. To succeed in Trophy Bass 4, you will need to consider the weather, season, water conditions, and several other factors that affect how real bass act. What you learn playing Trophy Bass 4, seeing the pro video tips, and reading the "How To" multimedia bass fishing reference will be equally useful on real fishing trips...and vice versa. Once you master the basic "How-To's" of bass fishing, you'll find plenty of new challenge in playing at harder skill levels, or in Tournament and Career fishing against the computer. The ultimate challenge is Team Tournament fishing with your cyber-fishing friends over a modem, a local area network, or on the Internet. There's nothing quite like landing the game-winning lunker for your team with just seconds to spare! If you're a Trophy Bass 3D veteran, you'll see all the same great features and 15 lakes but with improved 3D graphics performance throughout. In addition, Trophy Bass 4 brings you all 7 lakes from the Lake Expansion Pack, as well as three brand-new ones. That's 25 real-world, entirely scaled, tournament lakes in all. Other new features include a photo album to show off your top catches, a "Floating Camera" that allows you to select the see you want to use, regional divisions and tougher opponents in career play, and improved fish-fight AI and lure action. Trophy Bass 4 brings the whole lake, bass and all, to your doorstep.

Civil War Generals 2 - Demo Added on 10-Oct-1997
builds on its predecessor "Robert E. Lee", and allows you to select to command the Union or Confederate armies. Rewrite history or relive it as you select to play Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Sherman or Jackson. Set up headquarters and command a dozen various types of units. Create pontoon bridges and dispatch gunboats. Decide that of the 60 kinds of weapons at your disposal will be most efficient. Use mortars and howitzers to break up the enemy sequence before you send in the cavalry.New terrain types include walls, ruins, open water, coast, swamps, knolls, and pontoon bridges.

Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars - Demo Added on 4-Jun-1998
is set in the Earthsiege Universe, and is the sequel to the strategy war game MissionForce: CyberStorm. The game incorporates both real-time and turn-based play to appeal to all strategy gamers. The number of customization options, from Bioderms to HERCs, is greater than most games of its kind. Cyberstorm 2 is a game of mass destruction and total control for gamers who love deeply-layered strategic warfare.It is the year 3569. In the Typhoeus system, a newly-discovered jumpgate will let massive expansion and wealth to the corporation that controls the gate. Eight corporations will fight for this right, but only one will succeed.Each of the eight corporations has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You can create your own from a selection of chassis, and equip them with your choice of weapons and devices. Advanced systems systems such as cloaking devices and mine layers may be utilized to defeat your opponent on the battlefield. To succeed you'll need to manage your base facility and research any of hundreds of technological advances.Compared with the original game, Cyberstorm 2 features more weapons, more HERCs, new tanks and anti-grav vehicles, more control over Bioderm creation, new challenges every time you start a game, and real-time as well as turn-based play.

Homeworld - Demo Added on 10-Sep-1999
is a real-time space strategy game that takes place in a totally 3D universe. The inhabitants of a desert planet stumble upon a buried space ship and come to the realization that they aren't originally of that world. By reverse engineering techniques these people are able to construct a spaceship of their own, and head off into deep space to find their home world and the truth about their ancestry. Like other real-time strategy games, Homeworld comes with resource management, unit/structure construction, and tactical warfare. The most engrossing feature, however, is the addition of a Z-plane, or 3rd dimension. This means that in addition to being able to move north/south, east/west and all directions in between, the units in Homeworld can also travel up and down in a true 3D environment. This Homeworld demo comes with the game's first 2 tasks and a step-by-step tutorial. In the first task, you can command the massive mothership to begin construction of your fleet. In the second task, you can learn to engage enemy craft in the unique three-dimensional battlefield of deep space. Each victory brings you closer to Hiigra, your homeworld. The demo also features skirmish mode where you can practice your multiplayer skills against up to seven computer opponents.

Lords of Magic Special Edition v1.0 - Demo Added on 5-Nov-1998
is the ultimate combination of strategy, fantasy role-playing, and combat. It integrates turn-based exploration and resource management with real-time combat and a rich story of swords and sorcery. Prepare to enter a mystical, magical world of fantasy and fury, and to discover the myth and legends of Urak. You must explore the land, manage resources, and wield the forces of magic by spells and artifacts of power.There are eight different races to select from, each with unique strengths and religious beliefs: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Death, Chaos, and Order. And as the Lord of a race, you must select a character class to play as within this race, either a Warrior, Mage or Thief.In this demo, however, Balkoth does not yet pose a threat to Urak. This story follows the age old struggle between the Elves and the Dwarves, and you must select to lead one of these great nations as either a Life (Elven) Mage or an Earth (Dwarven) Warrior--two Lords whose people are locked in an ancient and bitter conflict.

Lords of the Realm II - Demo Added on 22-Oct-1996
is the sequel to the popular "Lords of the Realm", that propels you into epic conflicts and the intrepid life of thirteenth century England. Life was harsh then, peace was rare, and combat was brutal. On your way to becoming King you'll create weapons, construct castles, and raise armies to conquer thy neighboring realms before they conquer you. Defeat them all and the throne of England is yours.

MissionForce: CyberStorm - Demo Added on 9-Sep-1996
is a turn-based, strategy war game set in the "Earthsiege" universe, in that you take the role of a Herc Commander, the most destructive warrior in the history of Cybrid confrontation. Genetically engineered Bioderms are the pilots you alter and send into the fray. Linked to HERC pilots, they integrate to create a fighting force of unthinkable proportions. Upgrade weaponry, manipulate genetic structure, plan and execute more than one tasks to beat the Cybrids at their deadly game. Features superb graphics and gameplay to challenge even the most experienced gamer.

Rise And Rule Of Ancient Empires for Windows - Demo Added on 13-Sep-1996
is a multi-player head-to-head network game that highlights the Ancient Empires that formed the cradle of civilization. This graphical version of an "explore and exploit" classic, allows you to play Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Chinese or Barbarians in their bid to Rise above other Empires and Rule all. Conquer thy neighbor with military strength and production, but explore cultural resources by research, trade and diplomacy. Randomly generated maps, and a beautifully streamlined interface extend gameplay to dozens of hours. Welcome to grand, strategic empire-building from 5,000 BC to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Rise And Rule Of Ancient Empires for Windows 95 - Demo Added on 13-Sep-1996
is a multi-player head-to-head network game that highlights the Ancient Empires that formed the cradle of civilization. This graphical version of an "explore and exploit" classic, allows you to play Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Chinese or Barbarians in their bid to Rise above other Empires and Rule all. Conquer thy neighbor with military strength and production, but explore cultural resources by research, trade and diplomacy. Randomly generated maps, and a beautifully streamlined interface extend gameplay to dozens of hours. Welcome to grand, strategic empire-building from 5,000 BC to the fall of the Roman Empire.

3D Ultra MiniGolf Theme - Freeware Added on 14-May-1998
is a desktop theme on the basis of Sierra's minigolf game. It comes with wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, system startup and shut down screens (SYS files), a screen saver, and WAV sounds.

Alphabet Blocks Theme Pack - Freeware Added on 10-Feb-1997
is a desktop theme on the basis of Sierra On-Sequence's multimedia learning game for preschoolers, Alphabet Blocks. It comes with wallpaper, cursors, animated cursors, icons and a lot of sound events. You can select from two themes with different voice sounds (one suitable for a girl, the other for a boy).

Antara Theme Pack v0.9 - Freeware Added on 10-Feb-1997
is a desktop theme on the basis of Sierra On-Sequence's role-playing game, Antara. It comes with wallpaper, cursors, animated cursors, icons and a lot of sound events.

Betrayal In Antara Theme Pack v0.9 - Freeware Added on 28-May-1997
is a desktop theme on the basis of Sierra's interactive, fantasy RPG "Betrayal In Antara". It comes with wallpaper, icons, cursors, one animated cursor, and cool WAV sounds from the game.

Birthright Theme Pack v0.9 - Freeware Added on 10-Feb-1997
is a desktop theme on the basis of Sierra On-Sequence's role-playing/strategic war game, Birthright. It comes with wallpaper, cursors, an animated cursor, icons and a lot of sound events.

Creep Night Theme Pack - Freeware Added on 17-Oct-1996
is a fun Desktop Theme of "3-D Pinball 2: Creep Night" by Sierra On-Sequence. This theme comes with desktop icons, mouse cursors, cool wallpaper, and system sounds to give your desktop a "Creep Night" look and sound.

Gabriel Knight 2 Theme Pack v0.9 - Freeware Added on 1-Nov-1997
is a desktop theme on the basis of Sierra On-sequence's adventure mystery game, Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. It comes with wallpaper, a "wait" cursor, icons and a lot of sound events.

Rama Theme Pack v0.9 - Freeware Added on 10-Feb-1997
is a desktop theme of the sci-fi mystery game, Rama, on the basis of the famous novels of Gentry Lee and Arthur C. Clarke. It comes with wallpaper, cursors, animated cursors, icons and a lot of sound events.

3D Ultra MiniGolf Screen Saver - Freeware Added on 14-May-1998
displays pictures of the different golf holes in the game. 

Johnny Castaway Screen Saver v1.02 - Freeware Added on 16-Jun-2000
is a story-telling, screen saver cartoon. Cast off with Johnny and sail into an ocean of off-the wall gags and cool animations. Every time you take a break from your computer, Johnny and his cast launch into hundreds of hilarious situations. Will Johnny score with the tantalizing mermaid? Can our desert island hero dodge the jaws of a castaway-eating shark? Will that passing party boat toss Johnny a sequence? Johnny even joins you in celebrating specific times of day and major holidays. He'll have you amused for months with fresh, ever-changing adventures.

Larry Pops Up! - Demo Added on 13-Sep-1996
is an entertaining screen saver featuring "Larry" from the "Leisure Suit Larry" game series, who appears on your screen and speaks words of wisdom when your computer is idle. Just drag and drop Larry to position him where youd like him to be on your screen, and from then on hell return to that location. You can adjust the number of minutes you want Larry to wait before he speaks when your computer is idle. If you want the software to run automatically every time you start your computer just create a shortcut to it in your Startup folder. If you have your own BMP pictures and WAV files and you want to see and hear, just drop them in the sub-directory and theyll receive played. You can even set up the software to play certain WAV files on specified days (like your birthday, maybe?).

Field and Stream Trophy Bass 3D Screen Saver - Freeware Added on 27-Aug-1999
displays pictures of the lakes featured in the "Field and Stream Trophy Bass 3D" fishing game. The screen saver displays a lot of pictures as a slideshow. It comes with options that let you select the time delay between pictures (in seconds or minutes), select that transition effects to use, and stretch the pictures to fit the screen or show them in their original size.This screen saver also supports Microsoft Plus!. This allows you to select "hot corners" on your screen to automatically show the screen saver, or prevent it from appearing.

Sierra Diving Adventure Screen Saver - Freeware Added on 13-Sep-1996
is a real-time 3-D simulation of an undersea environment that allows you to to swim with the fishes. You can sit back and view in "fish cam" mode, or you can control your movement by the water with the mouse. Forward and reverse speed is controlled with the left and right mouse buttons. The longer the mouse buttons are pressed the faster you will go. To end the screen saver, press a key on the keyboard. The sound effects of a scuba diver breathing underwater and the 3-D rendered shark make you feel like you are really swimming by an undersea world. This screen saver is a prototype for a product being considered for development at Sierra On-Sequence.

EarthSiege 2 - Demo Added on 3-Sep-1996
allows you to pilot sleek death fliers and mighty, agile Herculan robots across walkable terrain in this action-packed thundering sequel to the popular robotic combat simulation game, EarthSiege. Lead your squadron in a desperate battle to save the Earth from the returning cold and murderous Cybrids. Conquer Cybrid forces from a captured enemy flyer or a mighty Herculan robot. Strategically configure your flyer or Herculan robots with deadly weaponry to outmaneuver the enemy. Seek out Prometheus, the deadly AI that started the wars, and end the EarthSiege once and for all. Features high-resolution graphics, texure-mapped and light source-shaded flyers and Herculan robots, riveting robotic combat, gripping action, and pyrotechnics galore.

Half-Life: Opposing Force - Demo Added on 9-Mar-2000
returns you to the Black Mesa as a soldier sent to silence a group of scientists, instead finding yourself in a struggle to save your own life. Remember the soldiers who gave you so much trouble in Half-Life? Now you are one of them--and life is not so easy as part of the Opposing Force.As a soldier sent in to eliminate Gordon Freeman, you are separated from your base unit and discover a new alien race amidst the chaos. It's fastly revealed that these highly advanced alien life forms descended upon Earth to pillage the planet from the Black Mesa facility when Gordon Freeman transported to the border world of Xen. Although you were originally sent into Black Mesa to silence Freeman and his fellow scientists in the facility, you now find yourself stranded and confused--battling fierce new alien creatures and a lot of other foes in an effort to save your own life. But as a military specialist, you are not unarmed. You'll gather a custom arsenal of new military firearms, experimental weapons and deadly alien devices. And, as you explore further areas of Black Mesa, you will encounter a new lot of human characters to interact with--on both friendly and unfriendly terms. In Half-Life: Opposing Forces, you'll return to the Black Mesa Research Facility as a soldier, experiment with a host of new military, experimental and alien weapons, and battle a fierce new alien race while interacting with more human characters than ever.

Half-Life: Uplink - Demo Added on 19-Feb-1999
integrates the visceral action of legendary action games like Doom with great storytelling in the tradition of Stephen King. The game blends action, drama, and adventure with stunning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where you need to think smart to survive. Throughout the game, both friends and foes behave in sophisticated and unpredictable ways. The intensity of the game also reflects the strong storyline, created by award-winning horror novelist Marc Laidlaw.The storyline takes you to the Black Mesa Federal Research Facility where a top secret project is underway. You play Gordon Freeman, a young research associate. You have limited security clearance and no real idea of just how dangerous your job has become, until the morning you are sent alone into the Test Chamber to analyze of a strange crystalline specimen. A routine analysis they tell you, until something goes wrong. Is it sabotage or an accident? Immediately, the entire Black Mesa Facility is a nightmare zone, with sirens wailing and scientists fleeing in terror from the creatures their co-workers have become.

Hunter/Hunted (Beast Mission) - Demo Added on 21-Dec-1996
is a side-scrolling action shooter in that you must fight your way to survival. You play Garathe Den, an eight-foot tall beast equipped with superhuman strength, deadly horns, and unbelievably long, sharp teeth. Hes loaded with flesh ripping claws and wields a very large, spiked club. You battle it out against Jake, who is bloodthirsty and ready to kill anything that gets in his way. You can run, jump, and climb all faster than Jake. There are a few weapons that are only available to you and not to Jake, that include a club with 8 five inch spikes, a whip that emits a bolt of plasma that breaks apart over distance until it nails something or someone, and a knife. Along the way you can also pick up different powerups.

Hunter/Hunted (Head-to-Head Mission) - Demo Added on 21-Jan-1997
is a side-scrolling action shooter in that you must fight your way to survival. Just you and the friend of your choice go head-to-head.

Hunter/Hunted (Jake Mission) - Demo Added on 3-Dec-1996
is an action/adventure game that takes you on a journey to discover an alien world of mystery and hidden dangers. The year is 2020 and the Earth's ozone layer is crumbling. Mankind hangs on the brink of extinction--but there is one last glimmer of hope. A tiny sub space probe named Huygen has discovered traces of a unique particle strand on a distant moon, more than a million miles from Earth. But be warned, all is not what it seems. Beneath the moon's warm green glow lay deadly secrets--secrets better left undisturbed.

StarSiege - Demo Added on 15-Apr-1999
is a giant robot simulation. In the 29th century, the story begins with the start of a rebellion on the Mars Colony involving humans and the Cybrids. As a pilot, you need to maneuver, manage firing chains and shield integrity, command squad mates, and master the finer points of targeting.To that end, this demo of StarSiege comes with four training tasks to shake down your skills before you go out into the field. Once you're confident operating your rig, you'll be ready for active duty in the Rebellion, taking the war to the Imperial Police in two front sequence tasks. The Imps have strangled our planet for decades, but now it's time for us to break their chains of tyranny.

SWAT 2 v1.3 - Demo Added on 23-Dec-1998
is the latest title in the Police Quest series in that you're in command of a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. The game features a third-person, top-down see. The advanced AI system makes the game different each time you play. Both non-player characters (such as innocent bystanders) and the terrorists behave in unpredictable fashions. The direction the game takes is affected by the decisions made by the characters you control.You can select from 100 individuals for your team, that include real policemen from the Los Angeles Police Department. You can make your selections on the basis of their weapons proficiency and their cross-training skills (in entry, tear gas, rappelling, hand-to-hand combat, and first aid). Each individual is also rated on aggressiveness, courage, cooperation, and intelligence. SWAT members can also be certified in special skill areas (sniper, explosives, K9, and more.).SWAT 2 features actual weapons, tactics, and locales to re-create the harsh reality of crime fighting in Los Angeles.

SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle - Demo Added on 15-Dec-1999
is a first-person tactical police simulation in that you assume the role of LAPD SWAT element leader. Los Angeles, 2005 -- in the next seven days, representatives from every nation around the world will converge to witness the signing of the United Nations Nuclear Abolishment Treaty. The protection of these dignitaries' falls on the shoulder's of LAPD SWAT. As a tactical leader within SWAT, your assignment for the next 24/7 will be to lead your team against the global forces that would prevent the City from hosting the treaty ceremony and combining the world in celebrating Global Peace Day 2005. As a LAPD SWAT officer, know that your fundamental task is to make Los Angeles a safe haven for all law-abiding citizens, while keeping the men under your command free from harm.In addition to active reflexes, SWAT 3 emphasizes the use of actual SWAT tactics. You will have a range of tactical movements and formations from that to select, comprising basic, stealth and dynamic techniques. There are several basic tactics that govern the way SWAT elements advance around corners, handle their weapons, and avoid detection and exposure. Stealth tactics are characterized by slow, quiet, methodical search techniques. Dynamic tactics are characterized by quick entries, explosive breaches and the use of diversionary devices. Incorporate these methods into fulfilling your objectives and everyone will receive home in one piece.

Thexder - Demo Added on 13-Sep-1996
is a rocking, updated version of the 1980's classic arcade game that takes full advantage of the Windows 95 platform, in that you control Thexder by a maze of worlds and challenging enemies. You control the transforming robot called THX-DR122 (or Thexder) as he flies, runs, jumps and now also crawls by a lot of science fiction environments. Thexder acquires extra characteristics and talents, plus the ability to morph into other items as he battles increasingly challenging enemies on each subsequent world. This new release introduces new morphing abilities and dozens of new robotic opponents.

CyberGladiators - Demo Added on 3-Dec-1996
allows you to assume your role as one of eight CyberGladiators and engage in one-on-one death matches in that you slam, smash and thrash your way to ultimate victory -- or annihilation. The war begun half a century ago will be waged by a new mutant life form -- CyberGladiators. It's robotic mayhem at its finest, as metal gladiators battle it out for their very survival.You can punch, kick, jump and flip just like a martial arts master thanks to human motion-capture technology, that gives the CyberGladiators agility and realism in all body movements. In CyberGladiators you can use over 50 moves per fighter; knock your opponent's head off and view the life force sparks ooze away; grab crates, barrels, spears and flaming bricks to smash your opponents; and alter moves on the fly. And your computer enemies actually learn how to counter your fighting style.

3-D Ultra Pinball 2: Creep Night - Demo Added on 17-Oct-1996
is the sequel to the best-selling pinball game, containing more than seven times the animation of the original. It has everything your twisted little heart desires, comprising ghouls, goblins, spiders, and pinball-snatching ghosts. This lightning-quick action game offers an extra-wide pinball table, with five devilish challenges to keep you up late at night. The game features more than one bonuses, hidden levels, moving targets, hints, tips on how to make the trickiest of shots, and lots of surprises. The campy horror theme is enriched by an original CD-quality soundtrack, complete with haunting music, creepy voices, and stereo pinball sound effects.

3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride - Demo Added on 5-Jul-2000
is a fun-filled pinball arcade romp by a fanciful amusement park. 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride offers the fun of a complete amusement park experience for the whole family to enjoy. There are 15 rides incorporated from real-life attractions at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. All are fun, easy, and colorful-- both stimulating to the eye and easy on the mind.Take a ride on all the 15 action-packed wild roller coasters and other "thrill rides" crowding the table. A super-wide main table morphs into different rides. There is even a special nighttime mode with fireworks show. It's an ultimate pinball bend to a theme park adventure.

3-D Ultra Pinball - Demo Added on 13-Sep-1996
is a realistic pinball game with a full 3-D environment and fast-ball action. Play short 5 minute games, hitting targets and ramps and making shots in the bonus mode. Or guide your ball past craters and robots by 4 different playfields as you attempt to create a colony. Win all 4 playfields by scoring high. Features multi-ball play; rich animation; dozens of 3-D bonuses and rewards; authentic pinball gameplay with true arcade table feel, targetability, visual perspective and bumper and flipper friction; and many more.

3-D Ultra Pinball 3: The Lost Continent - Demo Added on 7-Nov-1997
is the third game in the 3D Ultra pinball series, featuring lightening-quick tables, herds of ravenous raptors, tricky traps, slippery chutes and a precarious plot. The unique layout actually puts you in the story. Rex Hunter, bush pilot and part-time hero, has crash landed in an unexplored jungle where dinosaurs and cave-men still exist. With him are Professor Spector and his assistant, Mary. It's up to Rex to solve the mysteries of the strange land, and find their missing plane. Rex's success or failure is controlled by how well you play. Help him fight off dinosaurs, cross perilous pits, and outwit cunning traps. As you help him by each scene, he moves on to bigger and many more exciting challenges.Gameplay has been totally revamped to challenge the most skilled players, yet still be remain fun and accessible for the beginning player. 3D Ultra Pinball 3: The Lost Continent features animation, music and sound effects; over a dozen tables with entirely rendered 3-D graphics and characters; and support for popular controllers, like the Thrustmaster Wizard pinball controller, The Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad and the Gravis Gripp gamepad.

3-D Ultra Pinball 4: NASCAR Pinball - Demo Added on 19-Sep-1998
allows you to put the petal to the metal in an action-packed pinball experience. The key to racking up points is to hit the four turns (ramps) in order. Also, if you hit all targets with letters on them (thus spelling "NASCAR"), and then hit the ball into the garage, you'll be rewarded with one of several special modes, such as Chase the Flags or Collect the Tires.3-D Ultra Pinball 4 is the only pinball game approved by NASCAR, and features real NASCAR drivers and tracks.

3D Ultra Pinball 2: Creep Night - Demo Added on 18-Oct-2000
is a spooky edition of the fun-filled arcade game, 3D Ultra Pinball. In 3D Ultra Pinball 2: Creep Night, you try to shoot the pinball by the castle, tower, and dungeon while dodging ghouls, goblins, spiders, and ghosts. The game comes with more than one bonuses, hidden levels, moving targets, and lots of surprises. In addition, a creepy sound track accompanies the game.

IndyCar Racing II for Windows 95 - Demo Added on 5-Nov-1996
is a realistic, high-speed racing simulation that allows you to experience true-to-life IndyCar handling characteristics, real tracks from the IndyCar circuit, and an authentic behind-the-wheel driving experience. Begin with practice and work up to a qualifying lap to see how you compete. Then, test your skill and nerve in a race against battle-hardened competitors. Feel the adrenaline-pumping power of real IndyCar Racing. Features realistic car physics and track models for the most authentic racing experience.

3D Ultra RC Racers Deluxe - Demo Added on 18-Jul-2000
is a radio-controlled racing delight. Pesky gophers, bomb-throwing lawn gnomes, secret shortcuts, and many more twists and turns than an elected official make this the most exciting radio control racing experience you've ever had. More than just cars with antennas, Radio Control Racers' unique "Driver Stand" see combined with true 3D physics delivers the most realistic RC racing ever. Earn money to upgrade your vehicle's motor, shocks, and tires -- or just grab one of the power-ups and receive your car across the finish sequence first.Enter one of several circuit races where you can win races, collect money, and upgrade your car as the season progresses. Race up to four unique vehicles, upgrading them as you go and customizing them in the paint shop where each car has six different paint and decal schemes. Radio Control Racers offers multiplayer racing or single-player circuit competitions against the computer. Little cars, huge fun!

Grand Prix Legends - Demo Added on 10-Apr-1998
puts you in the driver's seat of history's most famous race cars on some of the greatest tracks in the world. Resurrect the glory days of Grand Prix racing. Race a BRM against Dan Gurney at Zandvoort, or take Jochen Rindt one on one around Monza's flats in your Lotus 49. And Grand Prix Legend's 3D physics model, graphics, and sound effects will give you heart-stopping and white-knuckled action, whether you are negotiating a tricky hairpin or going flat-out down a straightaway. This demo is an early alpha and only works on Voodoo Graphics, Rendition, Matrox Millennium, Matrox Millennium II, Matrox Mystique 220, and Diamond Viper cards.

IndyCar Racing II for DOS - Demo Added on 7-Sep-1996
is a realistic, high-speed racing simulation that allows you to experience true-to-life IndyCar handling characteristics, real tracks from the IndyCar circuit, and an authentic behind-the-wheel driving experience. Begin with practice and work up to a qualifying lap to see how you compete. Then, test your skill and nerve in a race against battle-hardened competitors. Feel the adrenaline-pumping power of real IndyCar Racing. Features realistic car physics and track models for the most authentic racing experience.

NASCAR Legends - Demo Added on 1-May-2000
allows you to revisit and race the cars, drivers, and tracks from the 1970 NASCAR season. NASCAR Legends allows you to compete in one of the most cherished eras in NASCAR history. You'll play as some of the greatest NASCAR drivers in history in some of the roughest, toughest muscle cars ever made. Race against the most famous names in motor sports, comprising Richard Petty, David Pearson, Cale Yarborough, and Bobby Allison. Compete on legendary tracks such as Riverside International Raceway, Texas World Speedway, and Bowman Gray Stadium in the era of world famous American muscle cars like the Ford Torino, Plymouth Superbird, and Dodge Daytona. Historic cars and tracks from the 1970 NASCAR season have been replicated for you with painstaking detail. A highly accurate car physics model allows you to experience the incredible power of these cars on bias ply tires. Gorgeous high-resolution 3D graphics and 3D surround sound let you to see and hear the competition closing in on you and let you relive a glorious sporting moment in time.

NASCAR Racing 2 - Demo Added on 17-Oct-1996
is the sequel to one of the most realistic racing simulations available. You can select from about a dozen different vehicles, and a lot of licensed drivers. The game has added new menus for easy game setup and car selection, as well as a spotter and crew chief to give racers audio clues about what is happening with the car and around the track.

NASCAR Racing 3 - Demo Added on 14-Jan-2000
gives you the green light on ultra-realistic Winston Cup racing. The award-winning team that brought you the long running NASCAR Racing series of simulations has done it again. NASCAR Racing 3 comes with 45 of your favorite Winston Cup and Busch Grand National drivers competing on 28 tracks, comprising the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, all updated to reflect the 1999 season. High resolution 3D graphics and new effects comprising dynamic skids, translucent smoke and shadows, shaded groove, specular highlighting make this as close as you'll receive to NASCAR Racing without wearing earplugs. 3D positional sound with dynamic all-new engine sounds, and separate spotter and crew chief audio put you right in the middle of the action. Enriched, aggressive artificial intelligence races you harder and smarter. Enriched setup options, comprising grill tape and sway bar adjustment and a full paintkit let you to alter your own car any way you like. Free Internet multiplayer support and force feedback support help to make NASCAR Racing 3 an entirely immersive driving experience.

NASCAR Racing Online Series - Demo Added on 8-May-1999
allows you to experience the heart-pounding, adrenaline pumping thrill of head-to-head multiplayer NASCAR competition over the Internet. You can race against up to 22 people in one race at Atlanta Motor Speedway or Watkins Glen International.

Radio Control Racers - Demo Added on 15-Oct-1999
is a radio-controlled car racing game. The game's unique "driver stand" see combined with true 3D physics delivers a realistic RC racing experience. You can earn money to upgrade your vehicle's motor, shocks, and tires, or just grab one of the power-ups and receive your car across the finish sequence first. Each track in the game also contains a few extra hazards to view out for. Be it a bomb-toting Lawn Gnome, or a Gooey Ghost, there's always something to test your driving skills.

SODA Off-Road Racing v1.01 beta - Demo Added on 5-Sep-1997
allows you to drive off-road racing buggies and trucks around off-road racing courses chock full of bumps, jumps, mud, and mayhem. It provides the adrenaline rush of an 800-horsepower truck, taking twists, turns, and jumps at breakneck speed. No racing between the lines here--these trucks can take all the punishment you can dish out! But think twice before putting the pedal to the metal, because one small slip in the mud can send you spinning out of control.You can select to drive two-wheel or four-wheel 800 horsepower trucks, or two-wheel 150 horsepower buggies. The vehicle setup allows you to set horsepower, gears, transmission, wheel camber, springs, shocks, tire type, steering, and weight distribution.Tracks reside in a quarter mile square area, allowing complete freedom to stay on course or go off-roading. Tracks include numerous driving challenges comprising jump sequences, off-camber turns, large and quick elevation changes, hairpin turns, and strategically placed trackside items and race-ending hazards.

Viper Racing v2.2 - Demo Added on 15-Oct-1998
puts you behind the wheel of a Dodge Viper. The unique career mode allows players earn money to upgrade their car and move up by 3 different classes of the Viper Racing League. Three levels of driving realism ranging from quick, fun arcade to serious simulation makes racing accessible to all PC racing fans. The game features sophisticated computer opponents, who control their cars with the steering, throttle, and brakes -- just the human players.

Hoyle Classic Board Games (Standalone Demo) - Demo Added on 1-Nov-1997
allows you to play Checkers and Zen Bones (similar to Mah Jongg). The games feature excellent graphics and animation. Checkers allows you to play against a lot of talking opponents. It comes with rules for the games.

Hoyle Internet BlackJack - Demo Added on 10-Sep-1996
21 Solitaire is a group of 7 solitaire card games on the basis of a Blackjack theme. These highly original games, found nowhere else, blend classic solitaire themes with the excitement of Blackjack. 21 Solitaire is a group of 7 solitaire card games on the basis of a Blackjack theme. The item of the games is to make Blackjack hands, hands that total 21 in value. These highly original games, found nowhere else, blend classic solitaire themes with the excitement of Blackjack.

Hoyle Casino v5.0 - Demo Added on 1-Nov-2000
is an extensive group card games. Select a game from the incredibly long list, ranging from casino favorites such as Poker or Blackjack to kid's games such as Go Fish and Old Maid. There are classics such as Euchre and Cribbage as well as long, long lists of single- and double-deck Solitaire games. It won't matter if you've never played them before; just open a game and select rules from the file menu to learn how to play. The interface offers first-rate graphics, with optional sounds and animations for your play actions. A score stats board displays separately to show you how you're doing. If you've been getting bored recently, Mike has the answer to hours of entertainment with some great virtual card games.

Hoyle Internet Poker v1.1.0.6 - Freeware Added on 21-May-1997
allows you to receive together with people from anywhere in the world for a game of 5-Card Draw Poker over the Internet. This game takes advantage of the "Sierra Internet Gaming System" that allows real-time, multi-player gaming ability over the Internet. Just have your Internet connection open, start the game, login, and then find some opponents to play. During a game you can chat with your opponents.

Hoyle Classic Card Games (Standalone Demo) - Demo Added on 1-Nov-1997
is a new version of the classic solitaire game "Aces Up". It is known by several other names comprising Aces High, Four Aces, Firing Squad, Drivel, and of course, Idiot's Delight.The original version of this card game is quite difficult, with your chances of winning averaging only about 1 in 20. But this version of the game introduces a number of alternate rules that better the odds considerably. With skill, strategy, and a bit of luck, you may win half your hands.In addition to the alternate rules, it comes with a number of features comprising four levels of difficulty, ten levels of undo, the ability to select hands at random or by number (999999 different deals are possible), full statistics (comprising games played, games won, winning percentage, and average score), selectable card backs, selectable background colors, "Move Alert" option (allows you to know if there are any more plays to be made), game save, music, and sound effects.

MasterCook v4.0 - Demo Added on 1-Nov-1997
is a group of delicious recipes. Each recipe comes with a nutritional analysis. You can search the recipes and bookmark your favorites. You can also sort the recipes by recipe name, category, calories, percent fat, sodium, calcium, fiber, carbohydrates, and protein.It also comes with a Glossary with definitions of more than 500 cooking items, a Seasonings reference with suggestions for combining common herbs and spices with popular foods, a reference of Substitutions for a lot of common recipe ingredients, and a reference of Yields and Equivalents.

MasterCook: Cooking Light v4.02 - Demo Added on 1-Nov-1997
comes with recipes from Graham Kerr, who has entertained and educated generations of home chefs since 1959. Each recipe comes with a nutritional analysis. You can search the recipes and bookmark your favorites. You can also sort the recipes by recipe name, category, calories, percent fat, sodium, calcium, fiber, carbohydrates, and protein.It also comes with a Glossary with definitions of more than 500 cooking items, a Seasonings reference with suggestions for combining common herbs and spices with popular foods, a reference of Substitutions for a lot of common recipe ingredients, and a reference of Yields and Equivalents.

MasterCook: Jenny Craig Cookbook v4.02 - Demo Added on 1-Nov-1997
comes with recipes from Jenny Craig, one of America's most recognized weight management experts. Each recipe comes with a nutritional analysis. You can search the recipes and bookmark your favorites. You can also sort the recipes by recipe name, category, calories, percent fat, sodium, calcium, fiber, carbohydrates, and protein.It also comes with a Glossary with definitions of more than 500 cooking items, a Seasonings reference with suggestions for combining common herbs and spices with popular foods, a reference of Substitutions for a lot of common recipe ingredients, and a reference of Yields and Equivalents.

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