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Final Liberation - Demo Added on 23-Dec-1997
is a turn-based strategy game that chronicles a monumental struggle for survival in the distant future. Humanity's spread throughout the stars has not gone unnoticed--along the way enemies have surfaced. The planet Volistad has been invaded by Orks who are attempting to crush the last of the humans and claim the world as their own.The unit encyclopedia comes with over 70 unit types to select and control featuring the full armies of the Imperium of Man and the Space Ork Horde. Command a vast army and wage turn-based war on the battlefields of the 41st millennium.

Flanker 2.0 v2.0 - Demo Added on 15-Dec-1999
is a combat flight simulator that is a white-knuckle Russian rush for every armchair pilot. Without compromising the technical excellence of it's famous predecessor, Flanker 2.0 presents players with stunning graphics and streamlined playability. Using previous classified Russian satellite imagery, this state-of-the-art combat simulator provides photo-realistic terrain. The improved flight dynamics, new 3D sound system, and accurate damage modeling offers players a true combat experience. Novice users will be delighted by the intuitive menu system. From the interactive training sessions to the ultra-realistic flight model, this Russian combat flight simulator has something for beginner and expert alike.You'll fly the SU-33 Naval carrier-based Flanker over entirely texture-mapped terrain while a new 3D sound system provides realistic sound such as shift and Doppler effects. A task editor allows you to to create a realistic theater of operation. And to receive you going in no time, there are interactive training modules, complete with an in-cockpit instructor.

Age of Rifles - Demo Added on 30-Aug-1996
is a strategy/war game in that you try to master the art of war in a world where the rifle is king. You are in command of troops from around the world, fighting the endless battles that raged between 1846 and 1905. Every major conflict is yours to control. Features detailed graphics and an original period soundtrack.

Allied General - Demo Added on 5-Sep-1996
is the second edition of the award-winning "Panzer General" strategy war game. Select to be an American, British, or Russian general and battle the German army with over 35 battlefield scenarios. You can command even larger and many more powerful forces with each victory. Three complete campaigns are available comprising the Desert, the Western Front, or the Eastern Front. You can even engage a friend via the e-mail feature.

Ardennes Offensive - Demo Added on 25-Apr-1997
allows you to take command of the last German offensive in the West. On December 16th, 1944, the Wehrmacht launched a furious surprise attack against American forces in the Ardennes. As overcast skies grounded Allied air cover, 24 German divisions hammered at the Americans along a 60-mile-wide front, driving 45 miles deep into the American lines.You can play any of eight scenarios, ranging from a full tutorial to the complete Bulge campaign. Ardennes Offensive utilizes SSG's reknowned A.I. with three levels of difficulty.

Chaos Gate - Demo Added on 18-Dec-1998
is a squad-level, turn-based tactical combat game on the basis of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You command the Space Marines against the forces of Chaos, led by Lord Zymran, and attempt to unravel the mystery of an ancient relic. You can alter your squads with 40 different Space Marines comprising Terminators, Assault Troopers, and Devastator Squads. It also comes with 10 special characters comprising Techmarines, Librarians, Chaplains, Apothecaries, and your leader, Captain Kruger. The game features detailed 3D rendered weapon effects (comprising plasma guns, heavy flamers, vortex grenades, and a full psyker combat system), multiplayer support over LAN or modem, a campaign consisting of 15 linked scenarios and optional random tasks, and many more.

Dark Colony v0.2 - Demo Added on 16-Jun-1997
is a futuristic, real-time strategy game in that human colonists and a gray alien race battle it out for domination over the planet Mars. In the not-so-distant future, Mars has become a Mother Lode. Hostile mega-corporations fight for control of the resource-rich planet. But when miners stumble upon the one thing on all of Mars that has alrerady been claimed, work stops cold. And when those who claim it show up, horrified miners scramble for weapons--and fight to stay alive.You must select between the aliens' superior genetic technology, and the human's advanced robotics and cybernetics. To claim total victory, you must exploit Mars's hidden resources, and unlock the dark secrets of its ancient alien race.Dark Colony features three various types of Advanced Artificial Intelligence (passive, active and trigger modes); detailed artwork and graphics (massive fiery explosions, fire, smoke, and more.); advanced lightning engine to give shadow detail and enriched special effects; multiplayer support via modem, network or online play for up to 8 players; and many more.

Earth 2150 - Demo Added on 5-Apr-2000
is an all-terrain, 3D real-time strategy game that takes place on a decimated Earth plummeting into the merciless gravity of the Sun. Earth has been home to mankind for thousands of years. By 2150, this has all come to an end. Mankind must flee the blue planet... and do it fastly! In 2140, a devastating war between the "Eurasian Dynasty" and the "United Civilized States" has caused the Earth's orbit to alter dramatically, pulling it ever closer to the Sun's deadly rays. As the Earth's temperature increases, glaciers melt away and flood entire continents, while meteorite showers mercilessly pound the planet's surface.In 2147, it becomes clear that the scarcity of resources means only a fortunate few can be relocated to a new outpost on Mars. Mankind's last hope is to create enormous space transporters fastly enough to carry the lucky ones away before the final meltdown. A new war flares up between the rival powers. If you want to survive, you'd better select the right side. After all, only one will receive out alive!More than just eye candy, Earth 2150's revolutionary 3D engine takes the genre in a new direction. Meteor showers rain down from above. Climate changes affect how weapons and vehicles feature. Fog rolls in early during the morning obstructing see range. Weapons recoil after firing. And full warfare occurs beneath the surface of the earth. Take the entirely 3-dimensional landscape into account while planning your troop movements: you'll need to scale towering mountains, dig out protective bulwarks and create entire tunnel systems. Explosions and detonations can alter entire regions in an instant. Fascinating day-and-night cycles affect your strategy: view the shadows alter according to the sun's position. The list of reality-based enhancements goes on and on.Earth 2150 is on the basis of a non-linear task system with 75 highly challenging tasks: you'll need to cautiously decide your next action. A 3D camera system allows you to zoom and rotate the camera angle any way you wish, and use the sophisticated tracking system to keep your most critical troops in sight at all times. You can even play with three camera windows at the same time! Construct your own units from numerous chassis and weapon systems, then go after the upgrades. Wage battle on, above and below the Earth's surface - on land, in the air, and on the water. The arsenal at your disposal comes with aircraft, tanks, robots, ships, helicopters and much, much more.

Fantasy General - Demo Added on 5-Sep-1996
is a fantasy strategy game that allows you to battle the Shadowlord and his minions across five continents as any one of four Fantasy Generals. Select from 4 heroes as allies that include Knight Marshal Kalidor, Warrior Marcus, Sorceress of Mordra, and Archmage Krell. As you gain experience, you can move your army ever closer to your ultimate goal, the defeat of the Shadowlord and his followers. To help you along the way, you can recruit mystical creatures and cast magical spells during tactical fights. Select from over 120 distinctive fantasy units comprising Griffin Riders, Dragons, Samurai, and Steam Fhants. Customize battle, or play any one of 5 historical battles across 5 continents or in the dreaded Arena. You can even engage a friend via the play-by-mail feature.

Imperialism - Demo Added on 23-Jun-1997
is an addictive and challenging strategy game for those who crave absolute power. Experience the vast technological advances spanning the Industrial Revolution. You can select several paths to conquest, comprising diplomatic, economic, and military, or whatever combinations you devise. Cabinet ministers give advice and direction, in amounts that vary according to the difficulty level chosen. Imperialism features sophisticated Artificial Intelligence with a lot of strategic personalities, resource generators and random maps for unlimited replay, and many more.

Imperialism II: Age of Exploration - Demo Added on 30-Mar-1999
is a turn-based strategy game set in the time of the exploration and conquest of the New World. In this sequel to Imperialism, you take on the role of one of the European Great Powers. The game involves diplomacy, espionage and strategy as you try to dominate Europe.The riches and exotic resources of the New World are there to be discovered; the key is to exploit them effectively. You can become a great conqueror in the tradition of Cortez, or you can do business with the natives, and shield them from the other Great Powers.Whichever strategy you pursue, you will need to create a strong economy. You should develop what you can internally, and trade for the rest on the world market (but view out for pirates). You'll also have to establish a good labor force, and try to receive ahead in the technology race (and keep an eye out for those spies out there). And don't forget to create a strong military, for only a mighty nation can unite Europe under one flag.

Pacific General - Demo Added on 18-Jun-1997
is a turn-based strategy/war game set in the Pacific theater of conflict in World War II, pitting the Japanese Empire against the combined might of the Allied forces. You can take either side in the conflict, that can be played from the dawn of combat in 1937 by to the historical or hypothetical outcome(s) of the war. Land, air, and naval operations play a key role in the battles to be fought.Pacific General is the final edition of the award-winning and extremely popular 5-Star General Series, and is on the basis of the engine first seen in Panzer General. Pacific General has a unique naval combat system and AI to handle the all important sea war.

Panzer Commander - Demo Added on 27-Mar-1998
is a comprehensive WWII tank simulation. You are given the job of driving a WWII-vintage German or Allied tank in a lot of combat scenarios.You can play selected tasks or participate in 1 of 6 campaigns, each of that is made of a series of linked tasks, the outcome of that will determine the course of the campaign.You can play on either side and will be given a selection of Axis and Allied tanks to drive.

Panzer General - Demo Added on 3-Sep-1996
is a strategy war game that allows you to play the role of a German General with a fresh command in Poland in 1939. You have a wide lot of equipment to select from comprising Panther tanks, Messerschmitt fighter planes, field guns, and a wide range of infantry. And each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Lead well and your inexperienced units could turn into an overwhelming force plowing by Norway, Belgium, France, North Africa and the Eastern Front. You could end up on the shores of England by 1940, or in America by 1945.

Panzer General 3D Assault - Demo Added on 8-Jul-1999
turn-based strategy game in that you fight in more than one campaigns in WWII's Western Front. The new Action Combat System gives leaders the ability to manipulate individual units and give more than one commands in each turn. The leaders with more promotions have more actions and can perform more effectively. Actions include move, fire, and special orders (such as entrench, refit, goal, fire). Without compromising the depth and playability of it's predecessor, the new 3D graphics of Panzer General 3D Assault gives you a realistic look-and-feel. You'll play in a dazzling environment where forests can burn, cities and airfields can be destroyed, and the terrain alters, as you crush and conquer your enemies. The game features true 3D gameplay with a freely rotating camera and map, over 200 3D modeled units and 20 special leader abilities, varied terrain and task objectives, a simplified and intuitive game system, a totally redesigned interface, and many more.

Panzer General II v1.02 - Demo Added on 6-Mar-1998
is the sequel to the popular turn-based strategy war game. Battles rage by WWII's Eastern and Western fronts, North Africa, even the continental USA. Will you fight as a Wehrmacht Officer, or perhaps lead your comrades in the Soviet Army? You may want to hit the beaches at Salerno and Normandy as an American or British General. No matter what path you select, you will need all your skills to triumph. The successful "Panzer General" devises sound strategic plans, and carries them out with unswerving commitment.Panzer General II features all new campaigns and scenarios with conflict in areas such as Dessau, Leningrad, Malta, Tobruk, and many more; one large campaign and four mini campaigns that let you take command as a German, American, British, and Russian General; 30 detailed, hand-rendered maps, accurate to the real battlefields of the war; beautifully detailed combat units; multiplayer support for up to 4 players via LAN or the Internet; and many more.

Panzer General III: Scorched Earth - Demo Added on 27-Sep-2000
is a real-time strategy game in that you start as a Shaman and strive to become a God. You'll have to tame wildmen and create and train tribes of warriors, preachers, and fire warriors. You can destroy your enemies with devasting spells (lightning, tornadoes, and earthquakes).You can explore a unique 360 degree, rotating globe in full 3D. Your divine powers may be utilized to shape the land and sea.You can challenge up to four players in a world created especially for this demo. You can conquer the world over the Internet, LAN, or modem.

Star General v1.2 - Demo Added on 5-Feb-1997
is a turn-based space strategy game that is the successor to "Allied General" and "Fantasy General". The 2-level Combat System allows players fight among the stars and land on the planets below for ground-based combat. Engage in a lot of separate wars, each involving 2 of the 7 races. Each of the 7 unique races has its own specialized A.I. plus its own characteristic sound effects and graphics. Use the "diplomacy" feature to influence your relationship with neutral races, or disable it and war with everyone. Resource Management is your key to success. You must expand cities, and create factories, research centers, military complexes, and orbital stations. See the beauty of over 90 fully-rendered 3-D starships, hundreds of ground units and more than one planet types. The game uses the enriched "Panzer General" game engine, greatly expanding features and gameplay potential.

Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles - Demo Added on 22-Oct-1996
is a modern-day strategy wargame that puts you in command of one squad or an entire battalion. In addition to modern tanks, you'll have access to all the appropriate unit types, comprising helicopters, jet fighters, and missile sites. Keep track of your favorite NCOs and officers and call upon them throughout your career. Challenge the several ready-to-play historical scenarios.

Steel Panthers III - Demo Added on 20-Aug-1997
allows you to fight larger tactical battles using the same easy to use interface featured in the critically acclaimed Steel Panthers I and II. Engage in brigade-size battles from every major historical conflict from 1939 to date, plus hypothetical battles, such as NATO 1998 and Holy War 1999. New 200 yards-per-hex and platoon-size units let you control entire brigades--even divisions receive key reinforcements during gameplay. And be assured of limitless armored conflict with the improved Random Scenario Generator, that comes with more powerful scenario editing features.

War Wind v1.2 - Demo Added on 6-Mar-1997
is a real-time strategy game that integrates the intricacy of a combat strategy game with a compelling story tied together by a solid strategy system. Yavuan is populated by 4 distinct races, and each has become entrenched in a war for their very survival. You may select to command any of the 4 races, each that possesses its own strengths and strategies. You must acquire treasures, recruit the legendary heroes of Yavuan to fight on your side, and advance your units in the skills of their professions. Create vehicles for land and water transportation, lay mines to trap their enemies, and fight the dangerous beasts of Yavuan in quests for treasure. Using weapons and magic to overcome your opponents, find "Bio-upgrades," and use their powers to enhance combat abilities. Establish settlements to support advancing troops, all leading to a climatic and spectacular end scenario that will decide the fate of Yavuan.You can also visit the author's web site to download the demo as 10 separate 3 MB files.

War Wind II - Demo Added on 20-Aug-1997
is a real-time strategy game that is the sequel to War Wind. Several years after the Great Conflict, much has changed on Yavaun. Humans, reluctant colonists, are now part of the cultural diversity of this alien world. Factions have formed over the decades since the humans appeared. The Overlord Faction comes with the allied forces of the Tha'Roon and Obblinox. The SUN (Servants Under NagaRom) are represented by the Shama'Li and Eaggra. Of the two human factions, the Marines are composed mostly of Marines and the Descendants are scientists and academics. Each faction has its own agenda--and peaceful coexistence is not the order of the day.

WarHammer 40 - Demo Added on 25-Jun-1999
is a strategy game that integrates the accessible turn-based style of Panzer General II with the gorgeous and horrifying imagery of the battletorn WarHammer 40K universe. The time has come for the Eldar, minions of a dying race, to re-secure their secrets from the hands of the lesser beings. As the working leader of the dwindling Eldar forces, you are put to the job of accomplishing your waning culture's next stand.Figures from the Warhammer 40,000 universe entirely animate as they move, attack, and die. Ambient map animations bring the battlefield to life. Your warriors mature and strengthen along the path of your choice. If they survive, units can learn Psyker powers, employ artifacts, and gain special abilities. The game features a tightly crafted storyline, detailed atmosphere, varied victory conditions, exciting special effects for unit powers and weapons, dozens of unique artifacts to find and use, and many more.

Necrodome - Demo Added on 23-Oct-1996
is a futuristic, car-combat simulation played in enclosed pits, or "Arenas". In the future, racing has become a deadly bloodsport, where staying alive is the only prize. This 3-D, real-time shooter puts you at the wheel of an incredibly powerful armored vehicle loaded with hi-tech weapons. You're equipped with a main gun and a turret weapon, and you can drop mines and smoke screens. To survive, you can enhance your chances by teaming up with a buddy. This game supports head-to-head and cooperative play via modem and network. True cooperative play allows 2 players to one vehicle (while one drives the other can concentrate on blasting anything that moves). And if your vehicle gets thrashed, don't give up. Run for your life, commandeer another vehicle, or continue the battle on foot.

Su-27 Flanker for DOS - Demo Added on 4-Sep-1996
is a realistic flight simulator that allows you to take the role of pilot, Squadron Commander, or Theater General and see how it feels to own the sky. This software was modeled after the awesome Su-27 fighter by a team of Russian aerospace professionals. Features a powerful, multi-tiered Task Editor that involves you in everything from single training tasks to theater-level tasks with more than one sorties, all in exquisite detail. Matchless authenticity gives you never-before-seen levels of precision for all weapons systems, comprising flight algorithms of all missiles, burn times, gimbal limits, inertia, induced drag, kill probability, and many more. The training mode covers all weapon delivery techniques and every aspect of flight management. Detailed briefing/debriefing assures you have the latest info.

Su-27 Flanker for Windows 95 - Demo Added on 4-Sep-1996
is a realistic flight simulator that allows you to take the role of pilot, Squadron Commander, or Theater General and see how it feels to own the sky. Modeled after the awesome Su-27 fighter by a team of Russian aerospace professionals, this software takes full advantage of state-of-the-art Windows 95 technology. Features a powerful, multi-tiered Task Editor that involves you in everything from single training tasks to theater-level tasks with more than one sorties, all in exquisite detail. Matchless authenticity gives you never-before-seen levels of precision for all weapons systems, comprising flight algorithms of all missiles, burn times, gimbal limits, inertia, induced drag, kill probability, and many more. The training mode covers all weapon delivery techniques and every aspect of flight management. Detailed briefing/debriefing assures you have the latest info.

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