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Download Size 142336
Dialup (56.6 kbps) 20 seconds.
Broadband (256 kbps) 4 seconds.
DSL (1 mbps) 1 seconds.
Last Updated 6/23/1999
Author Stefan Pettersson
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uses a lot of techniques to reduce the size of your HTML files. The software works by stripping out unnecessary characters (such as sequence feeds, tabs, and spaces); removing duplicate or redundant HTML tags; and reducing overly long tags to shorter, faster-loading equivalents. It produces pages that are up to 40 percent smaller in file size. The software supports VBScript, Javascript, Active Service (ASP), style sheets, and META tags. It can even shrink most ZIP files by re-compressing them using a high level of compression. Features of OverDrive include: the ability to optimize HTML output from CGI scripts and Web applications, the ability to preview documents in any browser or authoring software, batch mode operation, detailed reporting, and a lot of configuration options.

WebWarper v2.004 - Demo Added on 29-Sep-2000
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Xls2Html v2.0 - 14-day Trial Added on 19-Sep-2000
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HTMLCRunch v0.1 - Freeware Added on 13-Jul-1999
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HTMLo for Windows v3.3 - 30-day Trial Added on 13-Sep-2000
is a command-sequence, bilinear, streaming filter that allows you to to optimize your HTML files using a smart tag and commom text recognition engine. The software allows you to remove unnecessary tag parameter quotations; empty strings; double-space, CR, and LF symbols; closing paragraph and list item tags; and specific tags. HTMLo can help you make your Web site traffic more efficient by decreasing file size and thus increasing loading speed. It also makes your HTML code unreadable for those who may want to copy it. In addition, you can perform backup, restore, and move file operations.

Hutmil v5.0 - 30-day Trial Added on 3-Nov-2000
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LiinosPrint HTML Virtual Printer v85a beta - Shareware Added on 10-Aug-1999
allows you to to directly print your work in HTML format from any Windows software. Although printing is done just by using the print feature found in every Windows compatible software, LiinosPrint produces ready-made HTML documents without any loss of layout.The software allows you to print any document in PDF format and comes with a user-freindly intranet creation software.LiinosPrint also enables you to send the HTML and PDF documents by e-mail or FTP and to include the original documents with the newly created ones.In addition, it supports HTML extensions, JavaScript, Style Sheets, and frames.

Man-CGI v1.0 - Freeware Added on 30-Dec-1999
is a CGI script that allows you to to make UNIX Man pages available on-sequence as Website pages. Man-CGI was developed for UNIX and does not work under Windows 9x and NT. It accepts both Receive and POST requests.

May 8 Hi-Fi v1.1.1 - 30-day Trial Added on 11-Jun-1999
allows you to create Web documents by "printing" from any Windows software. You can then use Hi-Fi's editor to add hypertext links, pictures, animations, forms and other Web elements.Hi-Fi creates two output formats: dynamice HTML (DHTML) and a compressed, binary format that is presented on the Web by a Java applet.The Java applet comes with a high-performance rendering algorithm that anti-aliases the entire document, and allows you to render all typographic and page layout parameters. The applet automatically anti-aliases animations and it can progressively download text and pictures, and let users to zoom pages (by 25% to 200%).

HTML2Table v1.0 Free Download

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