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Algae is a Not Specified released by Aragon Systems. Algae software is approx. Not specified in size and it runs on Linux.

Algae A High-Level Language for Numerical Analysis Algae is an interpreted language for numerical analysis. Algae borrows ideas from languages like MATLAB and APL, but it was developed because we needed a free, efficient, and versatile language capable of handling large problems.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Aragon Systems
License Type Not Specified
Product Website
Operating Systems Linux
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size Not specified
Released On 2/25/2004
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Xmgr with statically linked Motif libraries Xmgr is a Motif software for two-dimensional data visualization. Xmgr can transform the data using free equations, FFT, cross- and auto-correlation, differences, integrals, histograms, and much more. The generated figures are of high quality. Xmgr is a very easy software for data inspection, data transformation, and and for making figures for publications. In this package the Motif libraries are linked statically for users who have no Motif runtime libraries.

Marks DelayCalculator 1.0 - Freeware Added on 22-Mar-2004
Marks DelayCalculator is a delay calculator written in cocoa for Mac OS X. 

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