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Archimedean Dynasty is a Demo released by Blue Byte Software, Inc.. Archimedean Dynasty software is approx. 9 MB in size and it runs on DOS.

Archimedean Dynasty is a challenging, action-packed submarine simulation that integrates a detailed storyline with real-time 3-D battles. After the nuclear war in the 21th century, the survivors withdrew to the depths of the world's oceans and built a new world. Gigantic submarines plow the oceans in the service of a planet-wide trading network. Yet as new empires emerge, the old human traits and power struggles return. Peace is under threat once more, and the future of mankind is in your hands.You are a mercenary and take on tasks for organizations of your choice, be they powerful corporations, the Navy or maybe even pirates. You may even select to be a double-agent working for different groups at the same time.You must work to equip your own submarine as you see fit. You can select from over 30 different weapon systems such as torpedos, water bombs and gun turrets with kinetic weapons. The game provides an extensive dialog system with digitized speech to communicate with the other characters you'll encounter. You must receive the info you need, make the right decisions, then take the controls and browse to the necessary coordinates. You'll need to make the right friends, and avoid all enemies, to successfully complete your tasks.This demo support 3Dfx cards.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Blue Byte Software, Inc.
License Type Demo
Product Website
Operating Systems DOS
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 9 MB
Released On 12/12/1997
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Archimedean Dynasty Free Download

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