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Data Desk 6.2 is a Demo released by Data Description, Inc.. Data Desk 6.2 software is approx. 1.7 MB in size and it runs on Mac OS X 10.2.

Data Desk 6.2 The software provides interactive tools for analysis and show on the basis of the concepts and philosophy of Exploratory Data Analysis. Data Desk implements several traditional statistics techniques suitable for data from planned experiments and surveys. However, the software?s true strength is its powerful tools for data exploration, visualization and mining.All Data DeskOs plots and tables are linked together so that points selected in one show highlight in all other displays. Select bars in a bar chart or histogram, slices of a pie chart, rows, columns, or cells of a table, or any points in a scatterplot, rotating plot, dotplot, or boxplot, and the selected points highlight in all plots.Such consistency reveals relationships among several variables, recognizes clusters and subgroups and helps you to catch errors and outliers. Several more features.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Data Description, Inc.
License Type Demo
Product Website!on/
Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.2
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 1.7 MB
Released On 3/4/2003
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Data Desk 6.2 Free Download

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