Eye Candy 4000

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Eye Candy 4000 is a Demo released by Alien Skin Software. Eye Candy 4000 software is approx. 386 KB in size and it runs on Mac OS.

Eye Candy 4000 Bundle of cool Adobe Photoshop filters. Eye Candy 4000 is a group of 23 time-saving filters that will fortify any user's creativity. Eye Candy is the only filter set on the market that integrates practical effects like shadows, bevels and glows with stunning effects like Chrome, Fire, Smoke and Wood. This easy to use set is consistently ranked one of the top-selling graphics plug-ins in the world.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Alien Skin Software
License Type Demo
Product Website http://www.alienskin.com/ec4k/ec4000_main.html
Operating Systems Mac OS
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 386 KB
Released On 12/1/2001
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Eye Candy 4000 Free Download

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