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Fighting Force is a Demo released by Eidos Interactive. Fighting Force software is approx. 7 MB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me.

Fighting Force is a 3D fighting game that delivers unparalleled action and tons of attack moves. Play four different characters (two male, or two female characters), each with different skills and strengths. It features numerous character moves plus special moves and combination moves to receive by the tricky stages. Pick up knives, axes, guns, and other weapons. Play alone or in 2-player co-op mode to defeat increasingly difficult opponents. A lot of intense levels take you by office buildings, secret islands, submarines, shopping malls, and many more.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Eidos Interactive
License Type Demo
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 7 MB
Released On 12/4/1997
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Fighting Force Free Download

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