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GEDCOM Editor 1.0 is a Shareware released by . GEDCOM Editor 1.0 software is approx. 633 KB in size and it runs on Mac OS X 10.2.

GEDCOM Editor 1.0 Inspect, create & modify Genealogy data. GEDCOM Editor allows to inspect, create and modify Genealogy Data stored in the GEDCOM 5.5 standard. GEDCOM 5.5 compatible supports ASCII, ANSEL and Unicode databases UI similar to Property List Editor full Cocoa Software directly handles Cross-References (XREF/POINTER)

Facts Objective Fact
License Type Shareware
Product Website
Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.2
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 633 KB
Released On 3/19/2003
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GEDCOM Editor 1.0 Free Download

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