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NotesPad (32-bit) v8.0 is a Freeware released by Don Z'Boray. NotesPad (32-bit) v8.0 software is approx. 752 KB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.

NotesPad (32-bit) v8.0 is an excellent replacement for the Windows Notepad software. NotesPad improves upon Notepad in a number of ways. The interface uses a toolbar resembles Internet Explorer's toolbar, providing access to favorites, font sizes, printing, word wrapping, spell checking, and many more. A "Text clips" button gives you access to easy to use text strings that you create that can be effortlessly pasted into any document. For switching between open documents, NotesPad uses an easy to use tabbed toolbar.NotesPad also has easy to use features for sorting, inserting Hard Returns automatically between all the paragraphs in a document, combining documents, converting DOS to Unix, displaying a file in a Web browser, and much more. Also available from the Notespad Web site are free spell-checking dictionaries for legal and medical professions, as well as Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish dictionaries.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Don Z'Boray
License Type Freeware
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 752 KB
Released On 10/7/1997
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AlfaPad v2.0 - 30-day Trial Added on 26-Aug-2000
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ANoteWrite v3.0 - Shareware Added on 14-Dec-1999
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Castillo TextEditor v4.0 - Shareware Added on 3-May-2000
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Crypt Edit v3.20 SR1 - Shareware Added on 25-Mar-2000
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HTML Aide v1.08 - Shareware Added on 14-May-1999
is a full-featured Notepad replacement with a lot of built-in tools for editing HTML. Features of HTML Aide include: the ability to open large files; support for opening more than one files; undo and redo; a spell checker; a thesaurus; drag and drop text editing; and the ability to store and use up to 12 Clipboard items. In addition, HTML Aide has several tools that make it well suited for editing HTML. These include: an HTML validator, an FTP uploader and downloader (with automatic uploading when HTML Aide is closed), a quick code wizard, a picture wizard, a code validator, and a browser preview software.

NotesPad (32-bit) v8.0 Free Download

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