PASSAGE 3 Christmas Edition

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PASSAGE 3 Christmas Edition is a Freeware released by GEKKO Software. PASSAGE 3 Christmas Edition software is approx. 4 MB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me/2000.

PASSAGE 3 Christmas Edition is an addictive strategy game in that you move a little man named "Patrick" around a board with colored balls, clicking on balls and squares to make the squares disappear. When you click on the square with Patrick in it, the square will disappear, and you must move Patrick to one of the 8 adjacent squares. The item of the game is to make all the squares disappear. Moving Patrick to a square with a yellow ball will make adjoining North and South squares disappear. Moving Patrick to a square with a blue ball will make adjoining Northeast, East and Southeast squares disappear. Moving Patrick to a square with a green ball will make adjoining Northwest, West and Southwest squares disappear. Moving Patrick to a square with a red ball will make adjoining North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest squares disappear. In order to win the game a square with a red ball must be clicked on last.

Facts Objective Fact
Author GEKKO Software
License Type Freeware
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me/2000
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 4 MB
Released On 11/10/2000
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PASSAGE 3 Christmas Edition Free Download

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