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PC - General Ledger is a Shareware released by Charter Software Inc.. PC - General Ledger software is approx. 3 MB in size and it runs on Windows 3.1.

PC - General Ledger is a double entry bookkeeping system for small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and private use. With PC - General Ledger you can: track and maintain balances for up to five bank accounts; create registers and listings of cash receipts, check stubs, and journal entries; make entries or adjustments to prior months; print checks; print financials, trial balances, and general ledger details for any month; print balance sheet and income statement (with choice of two formats); export data to spreadsheets, databases, or word processors; track up to 90 departments or cost centers; and many more.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Charter Software Inc.
License Type Shareware
Product Website http://www.chartersoftware.com/
Operating Systems Windows 3.1
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 3 MB
Released On 2/23/1997
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PC - General Ledger Free Download

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