QBAutomation 1.2.5

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QBAutomation 1.2.5 is a Shareware released by netbusinessdot.com. QBAutomation 1.2.5 software is approx. 6.45 MB in size and it runs on 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP.

QBAutomation 1.2.5 Email your Quickbooks Invoices We added some features that are missing in Quickbooks 2002. First of all you can send more or less all items from Quickbooks by email via your email account. This means, you don't have to upload info to a Quickbooks Service Provider and you have control who may access your invoices. You also must not subscribe to some premium or deluxe services.You can email not only invoices. Other items ready for email are credit memos, purchase orders, statements, sales receipts and estimates. All this can be one by a few mouse clicks. If you don't like the layout of the invoices or estimates, you can - not so effortlessly -alter it. For any help, just contact us.We also added another most engrossing feature. On request we attach the info contained in your email as XML document. XML is the new standard to exchange info. With XML your client can process this info and - with an upcoming software from us - add it more or less automatically into Quickbooks.This type of info exchange is a new dimension of reducing the paperwork in your office. ... and there is only one reason why we did it. We use it by ourselves. We didn't like to enter bills and estimates into our system and create invoices or purchase orders, print and mail them.

Facts Objective Fact
Author netbusinessdot.com
License Type Shareware
Product Website http://www.netbusinessdot.com/QB/
Operating Systems 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP
Registration Fees 38 USD
File Size 6.45 MB
Released On 10/24/2002
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QBAutomation 1.2.5 Free Download

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