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QikFix 4.4.03 is a Shareware released by Easy Desk Software. QikFix 4.4.03 software is approx. 2.88 MB in size and it runs on Windows 98.

QikFix 4.4.03 10 of the most requested Windows utilities For All versions of Windows 95, 98 Millenium.QikFix is the Swiss Army knife of utilities. Comprised of 10 different tools: -a file shredder, for permanently removing all traces of a filefrom your hard drive- a memory diagnostic software, for not only to receive the most from your RAM, but also locate memory hogs and set Swap File size to the optimum- A folder comparison software, that allows you to to compare file dates and times of one folder to another. Delete or copy files from one folder to the next- a wizard to close all softwares, closes all softwares with the click of a button, For installing new software (everyone has asked for this) - a file verifier, shows you that files may not be correct for your system and may be causing errors. - an expand/compress files wizard, allows you to to install a compressed file without containing to reinstall a entire software. - a system optimization wizard, fastly optimizes your computer to obtain the best preformance available. - a Cache software - a preference software to enchances the way Windows uses memory.- and a rapid system info screen. Show you all the need info about your system, hard drive, resources, memory and many more in just 1 second.-Set preferences, It even has an application that allows you to to control who can access softwares and feature on your computer.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Easy Desk Software
License Type Shareware
Product Website http://www.easydesksoftware.com/
Operating Systems Windows 98
Registration Fees 29.95 USD
File Size 2.88 MB
Released On 5/27/2003
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QikFix 4.4.03 Free Download

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