RollerCoaster 1.2

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RollerCoaster 1.2 is a Shareware released by . RollerCoaster 1.2 software is approx. 263 KB in size and it runs on Mac OS.

RollerCoaster 1.2 Virtual roller coaster screensaver. RollerCoaster is a screen saver that allows you to to experience a virtual roller coaster. From first drop to brake run you'll experience the thrill ride of your life (or at least the best approximation that can be had on Mac OS X). And if the included tracks don't give you the experience you need, you can always create a custom one.

Facts Objective Fact
License Type Shareware
Product Website
Operating Systems Mac OS
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 263 KB
Released On 12/15/2003
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RollerCoaster 1.2 Free Download

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