Sveerz Deluxe 1.2K

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Sveerz Deluxe 1.2K is a Demo released by . Sveerz Deluxe 1.2K software is approx. 6.6 MB in size and it runs on Mac OS 10.1.

Sveerz Deluxe 1.2K Sveerz is the musical arcade puzzle game that bounces to a hip hop beat.  The Sveerz cruise the galaxy in their bass powered ship, singing tunes that you must repeat to clear the Sveerz.This game challenges you with 4 ways to play, 2 player head to head games, worldwide high scores, rhythm based beat synchs, and synthetic voices that say your name.

Facts Objective Fact
License Type Demo
Product Website
Operating Systems Mac OS 10.1
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 6.6 MB
Released On 4/28/2003
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Sveerz Deluxe 1.2K Free Download

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