Tachyon: The Fringe v1.0b

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Tachyon: The Fringe v1.0b is a Demo released by NovaLogic, Inc.. Tachyon: The Fringe v1.0b software is approx. 56 MB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me.

Tachyon: The Fringe v1.0b is an intense space-combat adventure of colonizing the vast regions of territory on the fringes of space. The Sol Government has declared that it does not officially recognize the Bora colony's claim on several sectors of fringe space. Bora colonists left the solar system over one hundred years ago to create an independent settlement. In an act of defiance to the government at the time, it did not obtain a proper charter for far space colonization. Recently, several legitimate corporations have expressed interest in obtaining claim rights to different sectors of fringe space, comprising those inhabited by Bora. Representatives from Bora responded by asking the Sol government to officially grant its claim. After several months of deliberations, the Sol government decided to refuse Bora's legitimacy, leading to a rush for colonization in the newly opened edges of space. Tachyon features a free form task structure, furious space fighter warfare, innovative new weapons, and the most incredible large-scale items ever seen in a space game. You play one of the best mercenary space-pilots in the Sol system, Jake Logan, featuring Bruce Campbell as the voice of your character. Tachyon features a two-sided storyline that allows you to to join as either a part of GalSpan Mega-Corporation or one of the Bora Rebel Settlers.Exploration-based adventures are made possible by a vastly detailed universe and open-ended task structure. There are gigantic space stations and colonies for you to explore while you search for rare resources and other items to help you on your quest. You will fly a lot of distinct space ships each with its own cockpit and unique combat characteristics and you can upgrade your ship with a lot of weapons and equipment at any time. Intelligent, non-scripted AI scans unknown ships, assesses threat levels, and prioritizes more than one armament types -- laser, torpedo, and missile-based weapons, to engage you in some of the most furious space combat sequences ever.

Facts Objective Fact
Author NovaLogic, Inc.
License Type Demo
Product Website http://www.novalogic.com/games/DF3/index.html
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 56 MB
Released On 4/4/2000
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Tachyon: The Fringe v1.0b Free Download

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