WinRescue NT v2.00

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WinRescue NT v2.00 is a Shareware released by Super Win Software. WinRescue NT v2.00 software is approx. 601 KB in size and it runs on Windows NT.

WinRescue NT v2.00 backs up the Registry and important configuration files, provides protection from system crashes, and backs up any other files that you select. The Registry is the central database for Windows NT. If it becomes corrupt, you may have to re-install Windows NT. WinRescue backs up and restores your Registry, as well as other Windows initialization files, bootup files and the Start Menu structure. It can automatically back up important files, or remind you when it's time to back up. Restores can be performed from DOS or Windows NT. There are five ways WinRescue can restore your system: from the temporary backup, the permanent backup, the spare Registry, from diskette, or from the original Registry. WinRescue can also compact the registry, allowing Windows NT to run more efficiently. It also comes with a job scheduler. You can even use WinRescue to back up any files on your system.

Facts Objective Fact
Author Super Win Software
License Type Shareware
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows NT
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 601 KB
Released On 9/14/2000
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WinRescue NT v2.00 Free Download

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